Apex Legends: Streamer Discovers A New Way To Enter Third-Person Mode

Respawn Entertainment introduced the firing range in their battle royale game, Apex Legends a few weeks back and everyone loved it. The firing range basically replaced the old training mode that lacked a lot of things. However, the firing range has everything that players need to train. It has all weapons, attachments, moving targets, and the best part is that you can enter it with your squad mates to train together. Friendly fire can also be enabled so that you can test your skills against each other. However, ever since the firing range was added, the developers have teased about a major easter egg hidden inside it.

Easter Egg in Firing Range

Since Respawn talked about the easter egg, players have been trying their best to find what is hidden in the firing range. They have tried every possible way and have even made some amazing discovering in the process. For instance, they discovered a big easter egg through which they were able to turn the static dummies into actual enemies. In addition to this, players found ways to reach secret areas that had additional character loot. Not only this, but some even found Star Wars-related content in the firing range.

Apex Legends

However, the biggest thing that players have discovered is changing the first-person to to third-person. At the moment, this isn’t possible in Apex Legends because the developers have yet to introduce it in their game. But some players have managed to do it thanks to various glitches. Although the glitch only works in the training mode and you don’t really get to use it against anyone, it can be still pretty fun at times. Currently, there are different methods to trigger the glitch. But now, a streamer has discovered a way that involves Crypto and his drone.

New Way To Enter Third Person Mode

Apex Legends streamer who goes by the name fifity1percentnow was able to successfully use Crypto’s drone to enter third-person mode. The streamer first killed himself so that he can get re-spawned in the firing range cave. There, he switched from Banglore to Crypto after which he pulled the drone out. He then used his drone for a few seconds only to point it directly towards the ground. The streamer then changed back to his legend and entered the third person mode.

Considering other methods require a lot of work, this method is perhaps the simplest way to enter third person view in the firing range. If you’re interested in trying the viewpoint out, then we will suggest you follow this method since it is simple. In any case, it can be quite fun to roam around in third person as you don’t get this luxury in the actual matches. Other battle royale titles such as PUBG and Fortnite have third person modes, and we all know how fun this mode is.

Apex Legends season 3 is about to come to an end, and fans are now looking forward to the next season.

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