Apex Legends Streamer Discovers Another Exploit for Wraith

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Apex Legends was released back in February 2019 and since then, the game has had a plethora of bugs and glitches. Although the game was downloaded by 50 million players in its first month and its launch was a success, the number of players dropped after a few months. Not only this, but the game’s viewership on Twitch also dropped significantly as a lot of players lost their interest in the game.

Bugs in Apex Legends

The reason behind this was that players were facing many game breaking bugs while playing the game. In fact, some of them were even unable to play the game properly because of them. Most of them claimed that some bugs were putting them back in the lobby again and again, while others complained about connectivity issues. Other than these, there were some other bugs such as players still being able to fire while being knocked down, players getting instantly revived after being knocked down, and even a bug that made the whole map disappear.

Apex Legends bugs

While some players have used these bugs to get an advantageover other players, others have complained about them ruining the gameplayexperience. And now, an Apex Legends streamer has discovered a new exploit forWraith that allows her to use her ability without any cooldown.

New Wraith Exploit

Apex Legends players are well aware of the fact that Wraith is one of the best legends available in the game. This is because she has abilities that can help her get out of hectic situations. She has a tactical ability called Into the Void which is possibly one of the most helpful abilities in the game. It allows her to enter a new dimension for a few seconds and saves her from every kind of damage. However, the streamer has discovered that there is a way to use it again and again without waiting for it to cool down.

Apex Legends

During one of his recent streams, Apex Legends stream bor0 decided to show fans something interesting linked with Wraith. He told his viewers that he is going to try out something right before he started climbing one of the balloons. While climbing, his tactical ability was fully charged. Just before he reached the top, the streamer quickly triggered the ability and landed on the floor with another full charge of the ability. He then repeated the process again to show that it works every time.

Previous Exploit

Some old Apex Legends players know that this isn’t the first exploit discovered for Wraith. A few months back, there was an exploit that allowed players to use her Into the Void ability again and again without waiting for it to cool down. It didn’t even require players to climb a jump tower as it could be used on the ground.

Bugs are something that have ruined Apex from the start.Respawn Entertainment has done everything to put an end to them. However, theyjust can’t stop new ones from appearing on the surface.

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