Apex Legends: The Best Weapon Combinations

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Apex Legends is one of the top battle royale titles in the world. The game was released back in February 2019, and its launch was a success. The thing which made it become one of the best games out there is its amazing gameplay. Respawn has done a remarkable job with the game, and they have constantly added new things in it.

Apex Legends

Best Weapon Combinations

In order to survive in the world of Apex, you need to havethe right equipment. Since weapons are going to be your best friend in thegame, and Apex allows us to carry two primary weapons. Today, we are going totalk about the best weapon combinations that you should go with.

R-301 and G-7 Scout

The first weapon combination that we will suggest is the R-301 Carbine Rifle and the G-7 Scout. The R-301 is one of the most used weapons in the game because it’s fairly easy to use. It offers a great fire rate and has a good clip size. Even without any attachments, the weapon can help you take down a lot of enemies at close range. As for the G-7 Scout, it is a really amazing sniper rifle that is perfect for medium and even close-range combat. Its fire rate is the highest among all the snipers present in the game, and this makes it the perfect sniper for medium range. In short, the combination of the R-301 and the G-7 scout is simply amazing.

R-99 and Peacekeeper

If you’re a fan of only close-range combat, then nothing canbe deadlier than the R-99 and Peacekeeper combination. The R-99 is an SMG withthe highest fire rate in the game. All the bullets will get out of the gunbefore you know it. It is an absolute masterpiece in close range combat.Although you will find it difficult to handle it at first, it will be becomeyour favorite weapon once you get the hang of it. As for the Peacekeeper, it iseasily one of the most powerful weapons in the game. This shotgun can help youtake down the strongest opponents in only a few shots.

VK-47 Flatline and Longbow

If you want something that can help you in close and long range, then the combination of the VK-47 Flatline and Longbow is best. The Flatline is the cousin of R-301, but this one carries heavy rounds and has more recoil. However, it is still more powerful than the R-301. You will just find it a little difficult to handle it because its not an easy weapon to use. But it is still a perfect weapon for close range combat. As for the Longbow, it is a really powerful sniper rifle and it deals twice as much damage than the G7 Scout. Its fire rate might not be as amazing as other snipers. However, the Longbow sniper can still help you take down opponents at a great distance.

These are some of the best weapon combinations in Apex Legends.

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