Apex Legends: The Peacekeeper Has Been Nerfed

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Apex Legends is the kind of game that allows players to use a wide variety of weapons. From assault rifles to snipers, the game has it all. However, there are some weapons that are better than others in some situations. For instance, take the Peacekeeper shotgun.

The Peacekeeper has been the favorite weapon of many players since the start. It is absolutely deadly in close-ranged combat and can help you take down opponents quickly. Most players love to carry an assault rifle such as the R301 paired with the Peacekeeper as it is a deadly duo.

Peacekeeper Became Overpowered

The weapon was already really powerful, but Respawn decided to make it even deadlier through the patch 3.1. The patch basically buffed the weapon by increasing the projectile width of the shotgun shells. This is something that made the weapon far deadlier in close-range fights. In fact, this allowed players to take down their opponents with only one shot. However, a lot of members of the Apex community weren’t happy with this decision.

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Right after the patch buffed the Peacekeeper, players started claiming that it was a bad decision. According to them, this is something that would also make the weapon more useful in close-to-mid range combat as the extra width of the pellets would make them cover more distance. In addition to this, attaching a Precision Choke to the weapon would give it a further advantage.

However, little did Respawn knew that increasing the width of the pallets would make the weapon more overpowered. For those who don’t know, the shape of the shell spread is similar to a start, something which can maximize damage in close-range. But increasing the width of this spread is something that increased the chances of getting critical hits. Some players even started claiming that the developers should make the Peacekeeper a legendary weapon because of its current power.

The Weapon Has Been Nerfed

Soon after hearing the outcries of the community, Respawn quickly decided to do something about the issue. After one of the company’s associate producers claimed it on Twitter that a change is coming, Respawn pushed a balance adjustment to the peacekeeper to reduce the weapon’s fire rate and headshot damage. According to the post on Twitter, the weapon’s rechamber rate has been increased from 1.1 seconds to 1.2 seconds. In addition to this, the headshot multiplier that was previously 1.5 has been reduced to 1.25. Therefore, the developers have now made the weapon a little less deadly.

Still Not Enough

However, fans are still disappointed with the weapon as they are claiming that the adjustment is nowhere near enough. Some are claiming that this is not a good nerf considering the weapon is still really deadly in close range. At the moment, it is yet to be known whether Respawn is going to further nerf the weapon or not because the adjustment update didn’t address the main issues which made the Peacekeeper overpowered. All we can do is wait and see what the developers have in mind for us.

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