Apex Legends Things to Expect from The Future

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Apex Legends has had its fair share of ups and downs during the last year. Its first month were really rough as we saw a decline in its player count and viewership on Twitch. But the developer slowly improved their game and it is now considered as one of the best battle royale titles out there. Respawn has made various good changes to their game and added a lot of content to it. This increased the game’s player count and even brought back those players who once lost their interest in the game.

Apex Legends

Now, Respawn is dedicated to making the game even more amazing. They have already added a lot of content and are not going to stop. The game is on its third season which is soon about to come to an end. Today, we are going to talk about the things which might not arrive in the next season but will one day make their way to the game.

Solo and Duos Mode

Since the game was released, players have requested for a solo and duos mode. For those who don’t know, Apex is the only battle royale game out there which has a single Trios mode. This is why players have always requested the developers to introduce new modes to the game. They did make solo and duos available, but only for a limited period of time. The developers claimed that they will first see the response and then decide whether to add these two modes permanently or not. Considering both of them were well received by fans, it is safe to say that the modes will most likely arrive in the next season, or sometime after it.

Death Cam Feature

Another thing which fans have requested for is the death cam feature. This feature is already available in games like Call of Duty. It basically allows players to see who killed them and how. This can help players will improving their skills as they’ll know what mistakes not to make. In addition to this, it can also help detect cheaters. We all know that there are many hackers and cheaters present in Apex Legends. The death cam feature will allow us to see whether the player who killed us used any cheats or not.

Apex Legends

PvE Mode

Some Apex Legends data miners previously discovered that a Player Vs Environment mode is in the works. However, Respawn is yet to talk about it and provide details regarding whether it will arrive or not. But considering most of the leaked information always turns out to be true, we will get to see a PvE mode in the future. And Respawn has been listening to their fans a lot lately, so they will not disappoint them. The leaked information claimed that players will have to fight against AI controlled players, as well as some creatures. So, you can expect the game to become more exciting when the PvE mode arrives.

These were some things that you can expect to see in Apex Legends in the future.

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