Apex Legends: Voice Actor Talks About How Respawn Kept Everything Secret Before Releasing The Game

Back in February, EA and Respawn Entertainment surprised everyone by releasing a new battle royale game on the market. That’s right, we’re talking about Apex Legends, a game that was released without any prior advertisements. The developers basically didn’t want to waste any money on marketing because they believed players should test the game for themselves. The launch was a success and millions of players enjoy the game every month.

Since the game was released, everyone has wondered how Respawn managed to keep this game a secret for so many years that not even a single leak regarding it came to the surface. And now, it seems like we finally have our answer.

Erica Lutterll Talks About Her Work

Erica Lutterll, one of Apex Legends’ voice actors recently decided to talk about how Respawn was so secretive before releasing the game. For those who don’t know, Erica is the voice actor of Banglore, the verteran solider. She was one of the original and perhaps one of the first voice actors that were brought aboard for the development of Apex Legends. Therefore, she has witnessed herself how Respawn was able to keep its secrets safe from everyone.

During a recent podcast, Eric talked about her experience of working with Respawn as a voice actor. She claimed that Respawn would send her “coded messages” instead of actual messages in order to prevent leaks from happening. She didn’t knew about any of this before she got hired. After her audition and selection, Erica found out how quietly everything is being done so that it remained a secret. Not only this, but she was also asked to record all of Banglore’s voice lines inside her own studios. The voice actor claimed that she even used a phone recorder for the purpose. Respawn also asked her to send the voice lines back through audio transfers, and she was given all information in secret codes.

How Information Was Sent To Her

Erica added that all information was sent to her in packages with different coded names. She claimed that the names of the characters were jumbled and different, because all she knew was that she was playing a military character. Erica previously used to do recordings only on the phone with a small set up. But now, she claims that she has purchased a studio-quality mic on which she did most of the lines.

Apex Legends

Even though she didn’t know any details about the game, Erica claimed that she had a feeling it was going to be big. She also added that she still has no idea about the scope of the game and that she had little exposure to the game previously. She once had a half page of her character, and she didn’t even know what to do with it. However, she has still managed to pull everything off and the voice of Banglore in the game is just perfect.

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