Apex Legends: What To Expect In 2020

Released back in February, Apex Legends had some ups and downs during 2019. Although the game had a pretty amazing start by attracting 25 million players in its first week and 50 million players in its first month, Apex still failed to keep up the hype it had built. Respawn basically released the game without any prior announcements as they wanted their fans to test the game for themselves without relying on any kind of marketing.

Apex Legends

A few months after Apex was released, the game slowly started to lose a lot of players. Some stopped playing it because of the amount of bugs the game had, while others just couldn’t enjoy the game because of the lack of content. However, Respawn still managed to improve their game through different seasons which brought new content and changes to Apex. And now, as 2019 is about to come to an end, fans are wondering what the next season is going to feature.

Season 4

To begin with, 2020 is going to introduce Apex Legend season 4. The game is currently on its third season which is going to end at the start of February 2020. Once it ends, season 4 will begin most likely one day after. The thing which has left everyone excited is that the fourth season is going to feature more than one legend. Since the game was released, Respawn has only added one new legend per season. Octane arrived with season 1, Wattson was added through season 2, while the third season introduced Crypto. And now, everyone is wondering who the next legend is going to be. Many speculations and leaks suggest that the Revenant and Forge are going to be two legends that the next season is going to feature.

New Features

Aside from the third season, fans can also expect to see some new features in the game next year. The biggest feature that will most likely get added to the game is the deathcam feature. A few days back, a user on Reddit posted a screenshot in which he faced some new error during one of his matches. However, the thing which left everyone surprised was the “skip replay” option that was appearing on the bottom of the screen. This essentially suggested that a deathcam feature is possibly in the works.

Apex Legends

Solo and Duos Mode

Apex Legends fans can also expect Respawn to add Solo and Duos mode to the game. These two modes were introduced as Limited Time Modes in the game. However, Respawn claimed that they are going to test them and then see the feedback to make a decision about whether to add them permanently in the game or not. Considering the feedback for both modes was amazing, the developers will most likely add them to the game some time in 2020.

In any case, 2020 is surely going to be a really great year for Apex Legends. A few weeks back, the developers claimed that Apex’s play count is around 70 million players. This will most likely increase in the coming year.

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