Apex Legends: When Can You Expect To See The Old Map Again?

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Apex Legends season 3 changed the game entirely. The latest season added some exciting new stuff to the game, such as new cosmetic items, new weapons, a new battle pass, and even a new Legend, Crypto. The biggest thing it introduced was a brand new map. However, the new map replaced the old Kings Canyon.

Apex Legends

Season 3 took the game to a brand new planet, where the area is now called “World’s Edge.” The new map is a mixture of ice and fire, with some areas covered in snow and others surrounded by lava. However, some players weren’t really happy about seeing the new map.

Will Kings Canyon Return?

Since the game was released, Apex Legends players have only known about Kings Canyon. Almost every player is familiar with the locations present in the said map. For instance, they know the places that have good loot, and they know where to go when things go south. Because of this very reason, they were really disappointed when the map was replaced by a new one.

Upon seeing that a lot of players are missing the old map, Respawn decided to bring it back for only a few weeks but with a twist. During the Fright or Fight event, that was based on Halloween, players got the chance to play the Shadowfall mode. Instead of World’s Edge, the Shadowfall mode took place in an abandoned version of Kings Canyon. At the start of the match, there would be some light. However, with time, players would enter the night.

Apex Legends

The Halloween themed event has now concluded, and the Shadowfall mode is gone. This means that players cannot experience Kings Canyon anymore. However, they shouldn’t lose all of their hopes as Respawn might bring it back again with another event. At the moment, fans are hoping that they will get to experience the daytime version of Kings Canyon with some future event. This will most likely happen since Respawn always focuses on making its players happy. Some players thought that the map might return with the duos mode. However, the mode went live in the game recently and there is now the sight of Kings Canyon.

Why It Was Removed

When the map was removed, Respawn Developer Drew McCoy explained the reason behind the decision. According to him, they removed the map to avoid any kind of instability. He explained it with the example of Octane. When the legend was added to the game, every player wanted to play as him. Because of this very reason, if the first person chose Octane, the second one would quit the game as he wanted to play with the said legend.

McCoy claimed that they wanted to prevent this from happening with Kings Canyon. If they decided to keep both maps in the game, then it would’ve ruined the stability of the game. However, he did confirm that Kings Canyon isn’t gone forever. The developers are closely going to examine the feedback, and they might even decide to add the old map into the game.

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