Apex Legends: When Will We Get To See A PvE Mode?

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Player-Versus-Environment, or PvE modes are something that can further enhance the gameplay experience of players. Since Apex Legends was released, players have remained hungry for new content. They have been requesting Respawn to add new features and modes to the game so they can further enjoy the battle royale title. However, although the developers have managed to add a lot of exciting new things to the game, they are still yet to add something big; PvE modes.

Apex Legends

Other games such as Overwatch and Fortnite have PvE modes and players absolutely enjoy them. These modes are pretty simple. You basically have to progress through various campaign missions where you are put against AI-controlled enemies. You have to complete certain objectives in order to complete the missions. These missions can be either done alone or in a squad.

While Respawn hasn’t ever talked about PvE modes and whether they are actually working them or not, players have their own reasons to believe the mode might come in the future. For instance, Apex’s detailed and extensive lore is linked with the Titanfall universe. Therefore, PvE modes can help players learn more about the game and its universe. In addition to this, data miners have also successfully managed to get their hands on various files that are linked to PvE modes.

Previously Leaked PvE Information

When season 2 was released, a popular data miner who goes by the name That1MiningGuy decided to do some digging in the game’s files. During the process, the data miner discovered some files that suggested a new PvE mode that will soon get added to the game. The files revealed missions that players will have to complete. These missions included fighting enemies that will be both monsters and humans, opening cages, and defending an area until the Repulsor is online. The list of enemies included Grunt Shield Captain, Spectre, Reaper, Special Force’s Sniper, Prowler, Goliath, Crimson Elite, Infected Spider, and many more.


The data miner also revealed that there are going to be challenges for players to complete. These challenges included killing 10 enemies, getting 10 head shots, killing 10 enemies with sidearm, and much more. However, since then, Respawn hasn’t talked about any of this, other than that players should take leaks with a grain of salt. What they basically meant was that leaked things don’t always make their way to the game.

When Will The PvE Mode Arrive?

Apex Legends season 3 is ending and there is still no word about a PvE mode. However, considering the community has been requesting for it since the game was released, Respawn might finally add it to the game soon. The developers have been listening to their fans a lot recently as they have been adding many new things to the game. Apex Legends season 4 is also one month away, and Respawn might add a PvE mode through it. In any case, all we can do is wait and see what the developers have in mind for us.

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