Apex Legends: When Will You Get The Chance To Play Solo and Duos Again?

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Apex Legends was released in February and within only a few months, the battle royale from Respawn Entertainment has managed to become one of the top battle royale titles in the world. Attracting 50 million players within its first month, Apex was released without any prior marketing and advertisements. Although the game faced some decline in its player count and viewership a few months after its release, the developers have managed to improve it to a really great extent. However, there is still one feature that fans have been requesting since the start.

The concept of legends is something that makes Apex different from other battle royale titles. However, there is one more thing that is different. Unlike Fortnite and PUBG where you can launch into battles as solo, duo, or a full four-person squad, Apex Legends only features a trios mode. While players have enjoyed the trios mode, there are some who want to see other modes too.

Solo and Duos Mode

Respawn Entertainment gave fans a taste of solo and duos mode some time ago. Players first got to experience the solo mode when the Iron Crown event went live in August. Respawn claimed that they are going to take feedback about the mode so they can decide whether they should add it permanently in the future or not. Later on, during the Halloween Fight or Fright event, players again got the chance to experience the solos mode in the Shadowfall LTM. As for duos, it went live in November for a few days.

Apex Legends

When Will They Return?

Since the solo and duos mode was available for only a short period of time, they have left players craving for more. Almost everyone wants them to come back, but no one knows when they will return. At the moment, Respawn hasn’t revealed any details regarding when they are going to add solo or duos again in the game. Recently, the Winter Express LTM went live and it focused on the standard trios. Maybe Respawn will now introduce a new solo LTM.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends season 3 is also about to come to an end, meaning that fans are now looking forward to season 4. Various leaks have suggested that the next season is going to feature some new cosmetic items. In addition to this, it is also believed that season 4 will feature more than one character. Aside from this, many players are also hoping to see solo or duos mode with the next season. Considering that the feedback of the solo and duos mode was really positive, Respawn will have to permanently add them sometime in the future. And the next season might finally bring them to the game.

Respawn Entertainment recently introduced a new Winter Express Limited Time Mode in Apex Legends to celebrate the holidays. The new event has introduced some amazing Christmas-themed cosmetic items and a new game mode. The event will end after a few days, and players will then get to enjoy another amazing LTM.

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