Apex Legends: Will Kings Canyon Ever Return?

Apex Legends season 3 was finally released on October 1, and it completely changed the game. The new season added a new character to the game, some new cosmetic items, and a brand-new map which replaced Kings Canyon. Apex Legends basically now takes place in World’s Edge, which is a new planet. However, some fans are currently eagerly waiting to know when the previous map is going to return to the game.

Season 2 made some changes to the map with Leviathans entering Kings Canyon and destroying everything in their path. However, season 3 decided to entirely replace the old map with a new one. Now, fans get to battle each other in World’s Edge. The thing which is bothering players is that they are finding it difficult to adjust in the new map. Many of them are disappointed with the fact that their favorite map has been removed from the game.

Kings Canyon Will Return Soon

Since the game’s debut in February, players have only been playing in Kings Canyon and this is why they know every bit of the map. However, it seems like players will soon get to enjoy Kings Canyon once again but only for a limited period of time. Two days ago, an account that regularly posts Apex Legends leaks on Twitter recently shared a small clip of what is believed to be an upcoming Halloween event.

Reports about an Apex Legends Halloween event have been appearing on the surface since Gibraltar’s Halloween-themed skin was leaked during a conference. This was the very conference which also gave us our first look at the new version of Crypto. And now, the account gave us our very first look at a Limited Time mode called Shadowfall. The clip basically reveals that the event will be held in a night-version of Kings Canyon.

What the Event Will Be About

Earlier leaks also suggested that Kings Canyon is going to make a return soon with the new event. Shadowfall will basically take place in an abandoned Kings Canyon, and players will be divided into two teams. The first team includes regular players and the second one will be Shadow Squad. At the start of the match, players will launch solo. However, once a player gets eliminated, he will become a part of the Shadow Squad and will be able to attack living players with melee attacks. The last 10 living players will have to team up and escape.

For those wondering, Kings Canyon was removed because of some disconnection issues. Drew McCoy, the developer of Apex, claimed that when Octane was added to the game, everyone wanted to play as him. However, when the first player would select Octane, others would disconnect because they wanted to play as the adrenaline junkie too. McCoy thinks that the same will happen if they feature multiple maps. However, he still added they will think about reintroducing Kings Canyon after they have gathered enough feedback and data.

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