Apex Legends: Wraith’s Tactical Ability Glitch Will Get Fixed Soon

A few days ago, a number of Apex Legends players discovered a new glitch in the game that was linked to Wraith’s Tactical Ability. Because of the glitch, players were able to use Into the Void without any cooldown. In other words, they were able to use the ability as many times as they wanted in succession. This ended up incurring the anger of many players who felt the glitch was game-breaking and destroyed fair play. 

Respawn Confirms A Fix Is Coming

Recently, on Reddit, Respawn’s community manager gave some updates regarding Apex Legends. In the post, he talked about some upcoming events, keyboard and mouse support on consoles, and other important information. However, some players among the community wanted to know more, and one of them asked about a fix for Wraith’s Tactical Ability glitch, to which the community manager replied by saying that a fix is indeed coming soon.

Now, this has confirmed that Respawn Entertainment is well aware of the Into the Void glitch and are even working on a fix for it. But we still don’t know when the fix will arrive, as the community manager didn’t reveal any further details. However, as he confirmed that it will arrive soon, we may see it in the next update. The developers are known for releasing patches between Tuesday and Thursday, so it could arrive between these days.

Not the First Glitch 

It is important to note that this isn’t the first glitch that has appeared in the game. Apex Legends has seen a plethora of bugs and glitches since it was released. Many players have even left the game because of these faults. Although Respawn has put in effort to fix them, they seem unable thus far to prevent new issues from appearing in the game. Hopefully, they will arrive at a permanent solution for these bugs soon.

Other Recent Issues

There is, however, yet another issue that is ruining the gameplay experience in Apex Legends for many players. Recently, it was reported that a new error code has appeared in the game after disconnecting players from their matches. The newly discovered code is named Code Wheel, and it works just like Code Leaf. For those who don’t know, Code Leaf is an error code which emerged in the first week of June. This is also an issue that is yet to be fixed by Respawn Entertainment.

Wraith’s Tactical Ability
Credits: Respawn Entertainment

At the moment, Respawn has not given an update regarding how they are going to improve the game in the future. They are the kind of developers who work slowly and surely, as they don’t want to burden their team. They have even decided to delay their future Titanfall game in order to focus more on Apex Legends. All we can do is wait and see whether the game will be improved in the coming months or not. 

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