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Apex Legends – Wraith-Themed Event

Respawn has been introducing some new events in Apex Legends since the past few weeks. Just recently, we got to see the Iron Crown event through which players were able to earn various rewards. They could either buy the skins featured in the event or complete challenges to unlock a special loot box. And now, it seems like players will get to enjoy a new event very soon.

A while ago, Respawn Entertainment confirmed that players will get to see an event related to the Phase Expert in early September. For those who don’t know, the only legend capable of phasing in the game is Wraith. And now, the official Twitter account of Apex Legends tweeted a message linked to Wraith’s past.

The cryptic message is titled “SPECIAL PROJECTS, WRAITH, DATA LOG_147_61137,” and it shows some notes that reveal further information about what happened to Wraith before she became a legend. Basically, the message reveals how the she received her powers and what horrible things she had to go through. “We were able to successfully prolong the subject’s exposure to the Phase void; however, the side effects appear to be dangerous and permanent,” claims the message.

Wraith’s Backstory 

Considering the evaluation was a failure, Wraith most probably escaped the facility where she was being experimented on. Although the process gave her some amazing abilities, she is still stuck with some voices inside her head that haunt her. Nothing else was further revealed, but we can expect Respawn to reveal the full story soon. The developers have also been making various changes to the map. For instance, they have placed various warning signs in the Shattered Forest that reveal how Wraith was imprisoned and has no memory of what happened to her.

A Wraith-Themed Event on The Way? 

All of this pretty much confirms that we will get to see a Wraith-themed event soon. Although we currently don’t know exactly what the event will feature and when it will go live, we can expect it to reveal some more information about the Phase Expert’s past. Maybe we’ll finally get to know how she became a legend. In addition to this, we can also expect to see some new challenges and skins for the character. Apex Legends players also got to enjoy an Octane-themed event a few days ago. Respawn added a point of interest for the adrenaline junkie that had some launch pads and a ring of fire.

On the other hand, a recent Apex presentation revealed some interesting things about Apex Legends Season 3. We got to see that Crypto is indeed going to be the next character of Apex Legends. Fans will also get to enjoy a new burst rifle when the next season arrives. In addition to this, a Halloween-themed event is also expected to take place in October. In any case, the next season is surely going to be bigger and better than the current season. 

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