Apex Streamer Gets Eliminated Because Of Thermite Bug

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Apex Legends players are well aware of the fact that the game is filled with bugs and glitches. In fact, since the game was released, it has had a plethora of bugs. Some players even stopped playing the game because of game-breaking bugs, and this eventually led to a decrease in its viewership and overall player count.

Apex Legends

Since the game was released, we have seen some bugs that have either enhanced Wraith’s abilities or have completely disappeared the map. Although the developers have tried different methods in order to overcome this issue, they just cannot prevent new bugs from appearing in the game. It has been around eleven months since the game’s release, and the issue is still the same as it was before.

New Bug Discovered

Now, a new bug has surfaced that has ruined the gameplay experience of an Apex Legends streamer. A streamer who goes by the name ‘lil_max47” was casually streaming Apex legends on his Twitch channel when he encountered a really frustrating bug. The latter basically wanted to push his opponent during the early stages of the match. However, what he didn’t know was that a bug is going to prevent him from doing so.

Streamer Failed To Throw The Thermite

The streamer basically wanted to push and take his opponent down as soon as he could. Instead of rushing towards him, he decided to use a thermite grenade to force him out of the corner. This is a strategy used by most players through which they can easily clear out a building or take their enemies out of their hiding spots. The streamer was carrying a G7 Scout, and he then moved a little forward to get a better angle for throwing the Thermite. But as soon as he took it out and threw it, he discovered that the Thermite wasn’t leaving his hands.


The streamer attempted to throw the Thermite multiple times but it just wasn’t taking off. It was being held back because of a bug, and this was something that frustrated the streamer. While he was trying to throw it, his opponent came out of his hiding place and started shooting towards him. As he had the Thermite equipped, he was helpless against his enemy’s attacks. Even though he took out the G7 Scout after getting hit by a few shots, the enemy Pathfinder managed to take him down easily.

Considering how the tables turned because of a single bug, this one is really game-breaking. The streamer would’ve easily killed his opponent if the Thermite worked properly. He was even playing in the open without any cover, so he was in a really bad state. In any case, Respawn needs to do something about this bug soon before other players become a victim of it. Such bugs can also appear in tournaments, something which can ruin the whole experience. Maybe season 4 is finally going to introduce something that will put an end to these game-breaking bugs.

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