Astralis BLAST Pro Series Champions

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In Brazil’s BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo finals, Astralis defeat Liquid 2-1. The Danish side adds another title to its trophy cabinet and takes home 125 thousand dollars.

Game 1

The first map of the match of the final was played on Dust 2 which was picked by Liquid. The North American representative started the match with a 3-0 lead. nitr0 and his team took control of the map in the initial stages. However, Astralis was able to close ahead by the end of first half, with Liquid barely leading 8-7. Liquid was well equipped to face Astralis in the first game and they won 16-13.

Even with such a quality win, the American side was unable to stop Astralis in the second map.

Game 2

The second map on the final was to be played on Inferno, one of the best maps of the Danes. Coming into this match, Astralis was unbeaten in the last 15 games played on this map. Device and team was quite dominant form the first round. Since they closed the first half with a 11-4 lead. In the second half, Liquid managed to win a few rounds. However, in the end, they were crushed by Astralis with 16-8.

Now the series was leveled and the next game would decide that which team will lift the trophy.

Game 3

The last map of this thrilling encounter was Overpass. Here, Astralis reminded the world why they are possibly the best team in the history of the competitive landscape. The Danish side played each round flawlessly and it was evident on the stats. The side closed the first half with a 12-3 lead. In the second half, Liquid was completely in vain and didn’t win a single round. While Astralis won four consecutive rounds to take home the trophy.

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The MVP of the tournament is device!

The MVP of the competition was none other than the second best player in the world, Dev1ce. The 23-year-old had an average of 1.35 in 8 out of 8 matches and won his 13th MVP title.

Another title for Astralis, a team which does not lose their ambition to win trophies. For many, it is already the best team in the history of CS: GO. For others, a rival to beat that has no limits in their game. What is clear is that, for all the fans of the Valve shooter, it is a delight to see this team play.

Astralis Reign Supreme

Astralis won their third title of BLAST Pro. The team previously won both the Istanbul and Lisbon editions in 2018. It marks the 16th consecutive victory on the Inferno. They are victorious in the first tournament after winning the team’s third world title.

Astralis BLAST Pro Series Champions

Credits: BLAST Pro Series

MIBR was the representative of Brazil in the BLAST Pro Series São Paulo. The team disappointed fans in Ibirapuera with their disastrous campaign. Gabriel “FalleN” and the company lost all five matches in the group phase. ENCE also defeated them in the BLAST Stand-off, a series of individual duels worth a $ 20,000 bonus.

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