Astralis Confirmed For BLAST Pro Series Madrid

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The Danish, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, Astralis is the first to confirm its invite to the Blast Pro Series. The confirmation announcement was made through the Twitter account of the team. The one in charge of carrying out the announcement was Dupreeh, a renowned star of Astralis.

We are just over a month away from the arrival of competition in Madrid. The Spanish capital will become the spotlight for the competitive world of CS: GO on May 10 and 11. The BLAST Pro-Series will take place at Madrid Arena, a multipurpose pavilion with a capacity of 12,000 people. The Arena will surely have an electrifying environment for the fans and players to enjoy.

Astralis & RFRSH Entertainment

The Danish club is part of RFRSH Entertainment that owns other teams such as Origin. The same company that is responsible for organizing this series of CS: GO tournaments. So, it is not surprising that it was the first team to confirm its presence. In addition to that, until today, they have participated in all editions of the BLAS Pro-Series. The competition will take place on Spanish soil for the first time.

Astralis BLAST Pro Series Madrid

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The Danes are the best team in the world in this popular FPS of Valve and the numbers speak for themselves. In addition to the team’s many successes in premier level tournaments in 2018, Astralis has managed to win the Major competition three times: ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta 2017, FACEIT Major: London 2018 and IEM XIII – Katowice Major 2019. The majors are the most prestigious competition of the CS: GO world, just like the TI of Dota 2 and Worlds of League of Legends. This just shows how much the team has dominated the competitive circuit.

3-Time Champions

On the other hand, Astralis is the most decorated team in the BLAST Pro-Series. Since they have won three of the five editions played to date: Istanbul 2018, Lisbon 2018 and São Paulo 2019. The other two where the side lost took place in Copenhagen (Denmark), where they obtained a second place in 2017 and third in 2018.

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For the moment, it is the only team besides Na’VI that has confirmed its participation. However, it is expected that over the coming weeks the identity of the other five participants will be known. Among the names that we can to participate in the tournament are teams such as MIBR, NIP, FaZe, Cloud9, and Team Liquid.

Na’Vi Arrives

As previously mentioned, the other participant to confirm its spot in Madrid is Na’Vi. Na’Vi will have so much to fight for rather than just for the title. Since in the past month the side had its fair share of troubles. Owing to which the team lost its place amongst the top 3 in the competitive ranking.

This competition will be a great opportunity for Na’VI to get its redemption against Astralis and rest of the world. However, If things go further south for Na’Vi then we might see the best CS: GO, player of 2018, S1mple leaving the ranks of the CIS side.

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