Astralis are the champions of Starladder Berlin Major 2019

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Astralis rose to second place in the global rankings after winning the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019. The new HLTV rankings of the best teams in the world was updated in the late hours of 9th September. In the list, Team Liquid remains in the Number 1 spot, AVANGAR rose to ninth place, and MIBR dropped down three places. After this tournament, Astralis, which previously won the IEM Katowice Major title in 2019, became the four-time World Champion and took home the $500,000 prize pool.

The Major’s final took place on 8th September. The Danish lineup played against AVANGAR and had little to no problems in finishing the series 2-0, 16-6 on Inferno , and 16-5, on Dust2 . The star player for the Danes was Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz, who celebrated his 25th birthday by winning the Major title, and was the MVP of the tournament.

What happened in the major final

The first map in the series was Inferno. Astralis started on the TR and won the first pistol round. The Danes proved to be a force to be reckoned with as they sailed off to an 8-0 lead. Sanjar “SANJI” Kuliev of AVANGAR got some crucial kills which enabled his team to get some points on the board. Yet it was not enough as the Danes went into the break with a 12-3 lead.

In the second half AVANGAR tried to fight back by winning the first three rounds. But Astralis gave no breathing space to the Kazakh side. Since the game ended after Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth got three eliminations in the last round, to close the map 16-6.

The killing blow

The last map of the series was Dust2, and it was quite similar to the first one. The Danes started on the CT side and was able to predict each move that AVANGAR made. Thus Astralis had no problem getting another dominating lead in the first half. The Kazakh team still managed to win a few rounds, but Astralis had the composure to punish their opponents’ mistakes and ended the first half 11-4.

As CT, AVANGAR took the second round pistol, and after that, everything went downhill. Soon, Astralis took control of the game and gradually shattered all hopes of AVANGAR. With a brilliant performance from dev1ce, Astralis ended the map 16-5 and lifted their fourth major title. The MVP of the tournament topped the ” total eliminations ” category. The Astralis AWPer got the most kills in the tournament (313), regardless of the weapon used.

  • 1st device (Astralis) – 313
  • 2nd – jkaem (Renegades) – 283
  • 3rd – Magisk (Astralis) – 282

This was the Major of the year that hosted three Brazilian teams, but none managed to get decent results. FURIA and IntZ eSports were eliminated in the first round. Meanwhile MIBR got into the New Legends Stage and beat Ninjas in Pyjamas but were eliminated after losing to ENCE, G2 Esports, and Natus Vincere.

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