AVANGAR vs Astralis - Starladder Berlin Major 2019

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AVANGAR and Astralis will compete in the grand finale of the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019. The teams defeated Renegades (2-0) and NRG Esports (2-0), respectively, on Saturday (7th September), and will compete for the title in the early hours of 9th September. The champion will take home the lion’s share of a million dollars. The series can be spectated live on Steam TV and official StarLadder Twitch channels.

AVANGAR 2-0 Renegades

AVANGAR and Renegades inaugurated the semifinals with an exciting duel on Mirage. Kazakhs and Australians were on fire since both teams continued to exchange rounds throughout the match. Regular time was not enough to settle the series so overtime was needed. In the extended game, the Kazakh team came out as the superior side and led the series 1-0 with a 22-19 win. Dzhami “Jame” was the star of the map with 35 kills, 6 assists, and an impressive 1.44 rating.

AVANGAR proved to be a force to be reckoned with in the second map of the series, Dust 2. Even though they lost the first pistol round and were trailing the map 0-4 in the early stage. The side recovered and managed to win ten straight rounds on the TR side before half time. After the break, the Aussies were helpless as AVANGAR ended the map 16-6.

Astralis 2-0 NRG

The first game between Astralis and NRG was contested on Train. The current Major champions kicked off the series in dominating style as they won eight consecutive rounds. The Americans did react and got some points on the board as the first half ended 10-5 in favor of the Danes. Things went from bad to worse after the break for NRG as Astralis won five rounds to lead the series 1-0.

On the Overpass, it was the Danes’ who drew first blood by winning the first pistol round. Astralis continued to dictate the game as they sailed off to an impressive 10-3 lead before the break. NRG did manage to get some wins on the board, yet it was not enough to bother the Europeans who sealed a 16-9 victory and secured a spot in the final.

Underdogs in the final

AVANGAR surpassed expectations and reached its first major final in history. The Kazakh team was not among the title favorites but defeated the big guns and maintained consistency. On the other side, the Danish kings have their eyes set on its fourth Major championship. The Danes previously won: ELEAGUE Major Atlanta 2017, FACEIT Major London 2018 and IEM Katowice Major 2019.

The Kazakh team previously beat the likes of Team Vitality and Hell Raisers. Meanwhile, the Danes took out the No.1 side in the world Team Liquid. So it will be quite exciting to see which team will come out on top at Starladder Berlin Major 2019. We will cover all the details of the grand finale clash.

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