Baptiste Arrives In Overwatch

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Blizzard yesterday released patch number of Overwatch loaded with updates. The highlight of the update is the official arrival of Baptiste, the new support hero of the game. With his biotic grenade launcher, the combat doctor will roam the battlefields. He arrives to refresh the roster of Overwatch characters.

In addition, the patch brings important adjustments to the vast majority of heroes. Most of these changes are aimed at support champions and damage. Though tanks such as Hammond or Orisa have also received some modifications. We believe that this patch might very well change the meta and will bring a breath of fresh air.

Baptiste, The combat doctor

Baptiste in the 30th member of the Overwatch roster. He is now available on official Overwatch servers. Here we have already reviewed his skills kit. However, we did not analyze his impact on the game. We have to wait to see what changes will come up, with him introduced in the Blizzard FPS.

The main attraction of Baptiste, in addition to his lore, which we recommend reading, is his versatility on the battlefield. The combat doctor of Haitian origin can host a great deal of damage, as well as healing in an AOE. Moreover, he can conclusively nullify the impact of powerful abilities with his Immortality Field. In fact, it will be easy to destroy, but, when used at the right time, it can win a team fight.

Baptiste Overwatch

Credits: Blizzard

Summary of patch notes

Blizzard usually adjusts numerous heroes in monthly patches. Therefore, we will review only some of the most relevant changes with the current game meta. Lúcio has seen her movement speed reduced, both passively and with the ability boost. In return, Lúcio will move faster by sliding on the walls.

Moira will heal more with her Biotic Grasp. Maybe Blizzard wants you to increase your presence at a later stage of the game. Soldier 76 receives a damage buff, as well as an improvement in his ultimate ability. While Jack Morrison will be able to set targets like the Junkrat wheel with his Tactical Visor.

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More changes

Orisa will move faster while using his fusion machine (basic attack). We will no longer feel so heavy as we shoot and move forward with the guardian robot. Lastly, Baptiste has the ability to increase the damage of his team with his ultimate ability, Amplifying Matrix.

Baptiste arrives in Overwatch

Credits: Blizzard

At the moment, it is a mystery how it will adapt to the game of the game. The ability serves to increase the damage of the allies, as well as the healing capabilities of teammates.

If you want to consult the official notes in full, visit the official page of the patch. This update may mean a change in the meta. For the time being, it is an unknown how Baptiste will fit into his position of support. If you want to discover it for yourself, it is already available on the official Overwatch servers.

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