Best eSports Games to Play during the Quarantine

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You all might be aware of such a pandemic situation; due to COVID-19, many people face various problems in their daily lives. COVID-19 has made people stay in their homes and made them experience such a bad time during this lockdown. To pass their free time, it is a must for all the people to learn about some famous eSports games that can provide them a great platform to enjoy their free time. You might have heard about FIFA 21, one of the most famous eSports games with massive traffic on its platform.

When you opt to get involved with eSports games, you must grab some knowledge about becoming a captain in FIFA 21 career mode. It will help you experience the best game with some basic knowledge so try to focus on all the various aspects of the eSports games. The people who are new to eSports games usually face problems dealing with it as these games are full of fun and entertainment. You should consider the below points if you want to learn about the various eSports games to pass your free time during your Quarantine.


  • First and the most reputed eSports games that you can consider to play in your free time during the Quarantine are FIFA 21.
  • This game has huge fans and traffic on its page that make other players attracted to the game and allows you to have a great time.
  • Playing FIFA 21 is the best decision you will ever make as it is full of fun and entertainment and allows you to experience the street gameplays.
  • You must opt for playing this game as it is interesting and includes such unique features that you have never seen, so be focused on all the various aspects. 


  • Another most famous game that you can consider to play during your Quarantine is Fortnite, one of the best eSports games that helps you experience the best time ever.
  • It would be best if you considered having proper info about this game before opting for it so that you can experience it well with no risk and query.
  • Most people might have heard about the name of the game as it is the most famous and reputed games of the time.
  • Once you understand everything about Fortnite, you can consider this game for having great experiences and dealing with various new aspects. 

Call of Duty

  • When you jump to play various eSports games, you will listen to Call of Duty, one of the most famous games.
  • It helps the players have different experiences just because of this game as it is available for various devices and allows them to impact their lives greatly.
  • Call of Duty is such a game that includes various aspects that makes people have a great time during their Quarantine and also helps them to be safe at their homes.
  • You can face those environments in this game, which you might not face in any other game, so try to be active while dealing with various aspects of the game.

Final Verdict

When you complete all the above details, you will get to know about the various eSports games you can play during your Quarantine. It is a must for all the people to grab some major details about the various games so that they can play them by sitting at their homes. Once you get to know about the various games, you can easily deal with them as all the games are very easy once you understand them well.

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