Best Rainbow Six Siege Attacking Operators

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Rainbow Six Siege is the kind of game in which you have to remain calm throughout a match. One wrong mistake can get you killed. Therefore, you have to carefully make the best use of resources you have to take down your opponents.

Rainbow Six Siege

Best Attacking Operators

In the game, players can choose different operators. These operators are the characters they will be playing with. Each operator has its own set of skills and equipment; therefore, you will have to carefully choose the right one. Today, we are going to talk about the best attacking operators that you can choose in Rainbow Six Siege.


The first attacking operator on our list is Buck. The thingwhich players love the most about him is that he’s an excellent breacher. Inaddition to this, the latter also causes as much destruction as Sledge, but hekeeps his distance. This is why you will have more chances of surviving whileplaying with Buck instead of Sledge. Another thing which is great about thisoperator is that he always carries an under-mounted Skeleton Key Shotgun withhimself. This weapon is ideal for the later stages of the game when thedistance between you and your enemy is not that great.


Thatcher is yet another operator on our list that is just amazing. In fact, he is capable of doing stuff that no other operator can. He has some amazing gadgets that when used right, can help a team with winning a match. The best thing about his gadgets is that they are fairly simple and easy to use. He can create some really big holes in the wall for his teammates to pass through. In any case, if you want an operator that no one complains about, then Thatcher is who you’re looking for.


The third attacking operator we would like to mention is Hibana. This operator is mostly preferred over Thermite because she is more flexible and provides more safety than him. The best thing about her is that she carries an X-KAIROS pallet launcher that allows her to create a really big hole in a all. There is one thing about Hibana that players don’t like. Her Type-89 assault rifle is not that great because it has a really small magazine size. This means that if you use Hibana, you will have to reload more often. And the more you reload, the more you’re likely to get killed during combat.


The fourth and final operator on our list is Jackal. He isconsidered as the best attacking operator in Rainbow Six Siege by many players.The thing which players love the most about him is that he can track hisopponents by using the Eyenox Model III. This is something that creates fear inthe opponent’s heart of being constantly tracked by someone.

These were some of the best attacking operators in RainbowSix Siege. We hope that our list will help you choose the right one.

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