Best Rainbow Six Siege Defending Operators


Rainbow Six Siege has a wide range of different operators that you can choose form. Every operator has different skills and is suitable for a specific situation. Choosing the wrong operator can end up getting you killed. In addition to this, you won’t be able to learn anything properly. Therefore, it is necessary to choose an operator that suits your need.

Rainbow Six Siege

Best Defending Operators

Today, we are going to talk about some of the best defendingoperators in the game. These operators are the ones that are going to defendthe objectives against the attacking team. So, you must choose an operator thatis capable of holding the enemies back.


Smoke is one of the best defending operators. He has been inthe game since its debut. This means that Smoke was one of the first fewoperators to arrive with Rainbow Six Siege. He is also a great example of thatthe old operators are still amazing. The thing which players love the mostabout him is that his Toxic Babes are just amazing. When you throw one towardsan enemy, they only have the option to either retreat or start firingaimlessly. In any case, Smoke is just amazing.


The second defending operator that we will suggest is Bandit. Most players prefer him over Kaid for many reasons. Although his Shock Wires may not be as amazing as Kaid’s Electroclaws, they still do the job well. They can prove to be really effective against a wave of attacks. The best thing about his Shock Wires is that it activates as soon as someone steps over it. His personal weapon, the MP7, is also a really great weapon compared to AUG SMG that Kaid uses. Overall, he is a great option.



Echo is a really smart Operator who is banned out of many matches. The reason why most players choose him is his two Yokaiu drones. This is something which makes him really extremely dangerous in the later stages of the game. For those wondering, his drones are capable of launching a sonic burst that can cancel any defuser plant. His loadout consists of the MP5SD, which is one of the best weapons present in the game. In addition to this, his drones are also really hard to detect, something which gives defenders a plus point against attackers.


The fourth and final defending operator on our list isJager. He is also one of those operators who have been in the game since thestart. He belongs to the GSG9, and this is enough to let you guys know abouthow deadly he is. He uses the 416-C Carbine, something which allows him to takedown even the strongest of opponents. In any case, Jager is an operatoreveryone should try out at least once.

These were some of the best defending operators in RainbowSix Siege. Make sure to do some more research before choosing an operator.

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