Best Rainbow Six Siege Operators Beginners Should Choose

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Rainbow Six Siege was released back in December 2015, and it is currently one of the top FPS titles out there. However, unlike other FPS titles, Rainbow Six Siege focuses more on tactical combat rather than a blood bath. This is something because of why new players can have a hard time understanding the game, even if they have prior FPS experience. At the moment, there is a wide range of operators, weapons, and gadgets for players to choose from. And today, we are going to talk about some of the best operators that beginners should choose.


Rainbow Six Siege

The first operator we will suggest is Thermite who belongs to the Attacker class. Along with Hibana, Thermite is one of the two breachers in the game, something which makes him a must-have addition to the team. He carries two exothermic charges that can be used to take down reinforced walls. As for his primary weapon, Thermite uses the 556XI. His weaknesses include Bandit’s shock wires, Kaid’s electroclaws, and Mute’s signal jammers.


Rainbow Six Siege

The second operator on our list is Mute. This operator belongs to the Defenders class and he can prove to be really useful in a team. While Attackers focus on using their equipment to get inside a building to complete their objectives, Defenders focus on preventing them from doing so. Thermite and Hibana can use their exothermic charges and X-Kairos to breach walls; Mute can use his signal jammers to make them stop working. Players can easily place the signal jammers near doorways and even near reinforced walls. The best thing about Mute is that his gadgets keep on working even when he gets killed during a match.


Rainbow Six Siege

Sledge is yet another amazing operator belonging to the Attacker class. He is mostly used for breaking barricades quickly. While it takes a few shots and some melee attacks to take down a barricade, Sledge can use his breaching tool to take it down and create holes in the wall within a few seconds. The best thing about him is that he can create a big hole in a non-reinforced wall through which players can easily vault through. If you want your shielded teammate to go through a wall, then two sings from his sledgehammer can create a big enough hole for him. In any case, if you want to speed things up, then Sledge is the operator you want to go with.


Rainbow Six Siege

The fourth and final operator in our list is Rook. Rook belongs to the Defenders class and provides an amazing rate of survival. However, it comes with a cost of speed and stealth. He can place R1N Rhino armor vests on the ground so that his teammates can increase their armor quickly. Any player who wears the Rhino vests gets damage reduction. Rook also happens to possess a native three armor, something which makes him stronger than most of the operators present in the game. And just like Mute, Rook’s gadgets will not disappear when he gets killed.


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