BIG eliminates MIBR from ESL One Cologne 2019

Another competition, another defeat for MIBR. In a playoff against BIG on Wednesday (the 3rd), the Brazilian lineup failed to achieve victory and lost 2-1 on the aggregate scoreboard: 11-16 (Dust2), 16-7 (Overpass), and 16 -19 (Train). With the result, the green and yellow team says farewell to the competition. It is worth remembering that the rest of the tournament can be spectated live on the ESL channels on Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube .

Game 1

The first map of the series, Dust2, was picked by BIG. Nonetheless, the Brazilians started the match well. They won the first pistol round and opened the map 2-0. BIG, however, was not intimidated and quickly imposed its dominance on the TR side. The Germans closed the first half at 9-6. After the break, Made in Brazil recovered in their most difficult moments but failed to capitalize on the lead; they lost the map 16-11.

The European organization featured very strong statistics. Fatih “gob b” Dayik got 23 kills in the game and forced numerous tactical mistakes from MIBR to seal the victory. Johannes “tabenN” Wodarz was the leader on the kill board with 25. Meanwhile, the highlight of the map was Tizian “tiziaN” Feldbusch’s quadra kill with a pistol.

Credits: ESL CSGO Twitch

Game 2

The second map of the series was MIBR’s choice, and they went with Overpass. The Brazilians exhibited great recovery, though, with quality plays. Fernando ”fer” Alvarenga was top fragger on the team with 23 kills. The boys in green and yellow controlled the momentum of the game and sailed to a 16-7 victory to tie the series 1-1.

Although MIBR lost the first pistol round, they didn’t lose control on the TR side. The team got their draw after winning back-to-back rounds and then an ace from Epitacio ”TACO” Melo in the third round.

Game 3

On Train, the third and final tiebreaker, the winner was BIG. MIBR, coached by Wilton “zews” Prado, started on the CT side and opened the game with a near-perfect first half. The Brazilians, however, ended up losing a 12-3 lead. After the break, the Germans drew the score and forced the game into overtime. It was enough for BIG to close out the series 19-16.

The ESL One Cologne is a prestigious tournament in the competitive landscape of CS: GO. The championship has 16 teams and a total prize of $300,000. The final will be held on July 7. It will be exciting to see how top contenders will make their mark in the competition. The likes of Team Liquid, Natus Vincere, and Astralis are still active contenders. Will we see the Danes return to their winning ways? Or will Liquid continue on their title-winning rampage? Only time will tell!

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