Biggest Differences Between Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PUBG

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Battle royale is one of the most popular genres in the gaming industry. Millions of people play battle royale games every day, and they have taken the gaming world by storm. At the moment, there are many different battle royale games available out there. However, the ones that stand on the top of everyone are Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PUBG.

fortnite, apex legends & pubg
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The first one to get released was PUBG. The game arrived in2016, and it properly introduced the world to battle royale. When the game wasreleased, everyone hopped into it and it gave birth to many new amazingplayers. The game soon became a professional esports title, and tournaments forit were being hosted all over the world for it.

The Three Big

A year after PUBG, Fortnite was released in 2017. As soon asFortnite arrived, some players stopped thinking about PUBG and started playingthe newest battle royale title from Epic Games. And why wouldn’t they? I meanFortnite was free while PUBG wasn’t. After some time, Fortnite crossed PUBG interms of both player count and popularity. Epic Games started hosting biggertournaments for it that offered huge prize pool. After these two, Apex Legendsarrived last year in February. The battle royale from Respawn Entertainmentchanged the gaming world as it was downloaded by 50 million players in itsfirst month. Today, we are going to talk about the biggest differences betweenthe three games.

Mechanics and Settings

To begin with, PUBG focuses on real-life based combat with all the military stuff. Players are able to choose from weapons that exist in real life. As for Fortnite and Apex, they tend to go toward the cartoonish side. Both of them feature fictional characters, but Apex has the upper hand in this as its graphics look more real. In addition to this, every character in Apex has its own back story. The game is also the only one out of the three to feature characters that have special and unique abilities.

Apex Legends

Another difference between the three is the mechanics. InPUBG and Apex Legends, players can aim down their sights to get a bettershooting experience. This is not the case with Fortnite as players can onlyfire their weapons from third person perspective. They can only use scopes onsome rifles and on snipers.

Building Feature

The thing which makes Fortnite different from the other two is building. Unlike Apex and PUBG, players can build different structures. They can create stairs, walls, and much more in the middle of nowhere by using resources such as wood, steel, and bricks. These resources can be gathered from all over the map.

Player Count

As for the player count, the three games differ greatly.Fortnite currently has more than 250 million players, while Apex Legends isbeing played by more than 70 million players in its first month. As for PUBG,it is played by less than 1 million players every month.

Despite all this, all three games are really amazing, andyou should give all of them a try at least once.

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