Blizzard Makes Big Changes In Overwatch

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Overwatch received the 1.34 update a couple of days ago. After nearly a month of testing on the PTR (test server), Blizzard brings changes to 19 of the 29 heroes available, in addition to the arrival of Baptiste. There were a lot of expectations on the 30 members of the roster. Since Baptiste has the potential to be a counter of the composition of GOATS. Let’s see changes in the Overwatch meta with patch 1.34.

Announced on February 25, Baptiste is the 30th Overwatch hero. Born in Haiti, the combat doctor brings tools and weapons to keep allies alive while eliminating enemies. His passive is Exo boots, with which he jumps higher when crouching. With the Biotic Launcher, Baptiste makes a triple shot that deals significant damage. He can still heal allies with it if they are near the point of impact.

Baptiste skill set

Using the Regenerative Burst, Baptiste activates a device that heals himself and his allies over time. In our opinion, his most impressive skill is The Immortality Field, which can be destroyed, but prevents the death of the teammates. His ultimate is the Amplification Matrix, in which Baptiste creates a matrix that doubles the damage and heals of the team.

Credits: Blizzard

General Settings

Now, Blizzard has made bean type and damage over time to more consistent. It means that the primary fire of Zarya, Mei, and Winston will deal 20% less damage when it strikes the armor. The effects of damage over time will no longer be mitigated by armor against Zarya’s Graviton Surge, Hanzo’s Dragon Strike, Widowmaker’s Venomous Mine, and Ana’s primary fire.

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Balancing Heroes

The heal from Ana’s ultimate has been reduced to 250. Before, her ability was considered very strong when healing heroes with large life points. Hanzo’s Sonic Arrow had the detection radius increased to nine meters. Since due to the environment of certain maps, the ability was ineffective in certain areas.

Zarya had the blast radius of the Particle Cannon increased to two meters, regardless of the energy level. The change maintains Zarya’s ability to deal a lot of damage. Widowmaker’s Infra Sight now reveals enemy health bars.

Overwatch Changes

Credits: Blizzard

Meta changes

The arrival of Baptiste is seen as the largest counter (response) to the GOATS composition. The most dominant hero lineup in the Overwatch meta, Zarya has a 21.69% pick rate and 51.11% win rate. Lucio has a 17.65% pick rate and 51.46% win rate. Both heroes are key pieces in GOATS, so the changes should restrain the dominance of the composition in the game.

Hanzo has a 30.62% pick rate and 49.28% win rate. His pick rate will only increase in the meta, due to the latest buff he received. The same goes for Widowmaker, who has a 25.52% pick rate and 49.47% win rate and received an equally important buff. Finally, Ana is the most played support with 28.69% pick rate, and the most victorious, with a 49.70% win rate. Despite the subtle nerf, his position on the meta should not be compromised.

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