Blizzard Takes The Assault Of Overwatch To Paris

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Blizzard usually always prepares a cinematic or some type of audiovisual content at the moment of launching a new map. However, Paris has arrived in the Overwatch RPP without any special arrangements. Paris is an Assault map in which we will have to move through the streets of the French city next to the Seine, with the emblematic Eiffel Tower in the background. The maps are very open in height, with many corners and passageways that promise to offer a lot of fun for both the attacking and defending sides.

A happy community

The Overwatch community warmly welcomed the new map, which has a certain similarity to the other Assault maps such as Hanamura or Anubis Temple.

In the new map, there is an open space for the first point where you can play a Pharaoh from the attack without fear of hitting a roof, however this does not prevent being in a good position to defend with Widowmaker. Besides that case, the real favorites are the heroes with more flanking mobility, such as Tracer and Genji, who can enter from several innings to point A to surprise the rivals.

Point B is located in the inner courtyard of a typical building of the French style, with a large courtyard in the center which can be accessed from any of the side corridors, as well as the main entrance. The defense of this point can be a significant problem, especially when considering the openness of the space, containing a plethora of entries. This is something everyone should consider by well-coordinated attacking teams: columns or corners near the reappearance point can hide a Torbjörn turret or even a Bastion.

Overwatch Paris

Credits: Blizzard

Our Tips for Overwatch Paris

It is still too early to know which compositions will fit best on this map of Paris. However, some points seem to benefit compositions with Orisa, as is seen with the defense of the first point, in the height in front of the point as in Anubis. In the second point, the possibility exists to defend with the omnic tank on the small balcony, while using snipers to take advantage of long distances.

New Character arriving soon?

Like all Overwatch maps, Paris is full of references and very polished details. The cabaret is one such detail, where you can find an original version of the famous poster of the play Le Chat Noir.

Questions about the next Overwatch character also appear before the arrival of a new map. Within this map, great importance is given to the omnicos: the omnicos appear in the point A of entry of the attacking team, and found at the commissary between the streets are posters that could contain a clue.

Overwatch Paris new map

Credits: Blizzard

After the Lunar Year, it will be Overwatch Records’ turn. We will discover a new part of the story that, presumably, will have Paris as the main stage. To discover if these theories are true, we will still have to wait a few weeks.

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