Can You Play GTA 5 Cross-Platform?

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GTA 5 is one of the most trending games of the time, which is being played by a huge number of players worldwide. It has made a lot of people its fan that players got used to the game and can’t stay without playing it. GTA was mainly launched as the PC version, but now it is available for most of the devices. It is a single-player game, and each player is assigned with three characters: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. All three characters have their unique abilities and are assigned with the missions as per their qualities.

Most of the players want to know that is there any cross-platform feature in GTA 5 on not. It is because GTA is such a mission filled game that can be more interesting while playing in teams. There are huge numbers of players who are waiting for the cross-platform feature for this game. Every player has the right to know about all the latest updates of the game as they are the users and with whose game is at the top. It can help you get more knowledge about the new updates of the game and experience new features.

can you play gta 5 cross platform

The below information can help you to know the solution to your query so you can consider it. It will help you out with lots of further details about the game.

Related Info

  • In the current scenario, GTA 5 does not support any cross-platform or Crossplay between Epic Games, Xbox One, PS4 in 2020. The Online version of GTA has never supported any cross-platform between PC and other consoles. Things are still the same in the year 2020, but there is one change that Epic Games have provided this game for free to play or download from Epic Games Store.
  • Apart from GTA, many other games provide this feature and help players have fun with their friends. Most of the players may be disappointed after listening to this news as in this time period; almost every game has a cross-platform. But still, players can’t leave playing this game due to its huge unique and special features. The missions which are present in the game attract the players and make them stay connected.
  • Although, unfortunately, you are not allowed to play the cross-platform with your friends. You can have this feature in other games like Warzone, Fortnite, and even Predator Hunting Grounds. These games provide you with cross-platform aspects and help you to have fun. But you don’t have any access to the cross-platform, so you have to wait for this feature until it comes as a new update for GTA 5.


When you consider the above information, you will get to know that in GTA 5, there is no feature like the cross-platform is available. It will help you to know that the PC has not got any access to play with other consoles. You can only play GTA as a single-player mode and can’t experience the Crossplay with your friends. It might make you feel sad but wait for some time for the new update for GTA 5 with new features.

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