Can You Tame a Fox In Minecraft?

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In Minecraft, players need to perform multiple tasks, and each task or quest has its importance and uniqueness. Different tasks are mainly meant for different purposes, which allow players to deal with different elements. There are so many animals present in this game whom players need to feed and tame. The animals involved in this game are the llama, fox, horse, and many more. Players need to understand the importance of animals’ taming so that they can easily grab benefits from it.

There are some players who don’t know much about Minecraft, which makes them face huge problems. All the players have an equal right to know about all the necessary elements of the game so that they can deal with various situations. Due to a lack of knowledge about the game and animals, some players face problems with the fox-related taming aspect. Players are facing confusion about whether they can tame a fox or not, which makes them get into huge troubles.

Can You Tame Foxes in Minecraft

If you want to clear your doubts, you can consider the following information. It will help you to know how to deal with the fox taming and also help you to enhance your knowledge about the multiple aspects.

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  • The players who are confused about whether they can tame a fox or not, can follow the following details for clearing their doubt. They can pay attention to the further steps for learning how they can tame a fox. It is possible in Minecraft to tame a fox and makes them breed and become friends with them.
  • For taming a fox, you first need to make a brand new fox, or in other words, you need to convince the fox to breed. It will help you to get close to the fox and make friends with them. If you get success in becoming friends with them, then you can easily tame them.
  • You need to give a sweet berry to each of the foxes and give another berry to another fox with whom you want your fox to mate. You can opt for any fox, whether a white or a red and when a baby appears, it will be a mixture of both the foxes. But the problem is that your fox will try to follow other foxes, and you can connect a lead to the fox and follow you.
  • If you keep the fox with you, then it will not follow the other foxes. When you provide berries to the foxes and get happy, you will see red hearts floating over their heads. The sign of red hearts will help you to understand that you have got success in taming the foxes.


If you seriously wanted to know whether you can tame a fox in Minecraft or not, then the above information will be beneficial for you. It will also help you clear your few doubts that you think are not serious, but you still wanted to clear. You should always be careful while considering any information so that you can have a better understanding of the concept.

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