Can You Tame Foxes in Minecraft?

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In Minecraft, foxes are of different colors; one is white, one is red, and one is the mixture of white and red. It helps the players get some help completing their few tasks such as feeding, breeding, and taming of foxes. Foxes can be tamed in this game, but before that, you have to feed them and become friends.

When you plan to learn taming of foxes, they also learn how to get a command box in Minecraft. It will help you get the command box directly in front of you, and you can use the command to tame foxes. Taming foxes is not as hard as you think; you only have to pay attention to the feed of them and also win their hearts. Once you get success in winning the fox’s hearts, then you can easily tame them and become friends with them.

Can You Tame Foxes in Minecraft

The main task that you need to do for taming foxes is to get foxes under your control and then feed them and win their hearts. Without winning the fox’s hearts, you can’t get success in your taming process and have to do more struggles. The below information will help you to learn how you can tame foxes and get success in your mission.

Fox Taming Tutorial

  • For taming foxes in Minecraft, you have to find a fox first and then make a brand new fox, which means that you attract it towards you. It will help you make them feed and get control over them, and for feeding foxes, you have to use sweet berries. Foxes love sweet berries as their food and can easily get attracted to you, and you can win their hearts. Once you get success in winning fox’s hearts, then no one can stop you from taming them.
  • When you get a fox in your side, then it will try to join other foxes to make it stand with you, you have to use a lead and hold it properly. It will help you stop the fox from getting to other foxes, and you can get it out away from furry fauna. After feeding the foxes, you have to wait for some time, and then you will see some red hearts will float over their heads.
  • When you see the hearts over the heads of the foxes, then you can ensure that you get success in having control over them. After having control over the foxes, you have to push two foxes together; you can opt for nay fox white or red or two different colored foxes. The color of the baby fox will depend upon its parents’ color so you can mate any color foxes. When you are done with taming the foxes, you must pay attention to how to get honeycomb in Minecraft. It will help you to have some more information about the game.

Wrap It Up

After getting proper knowledge about the foxes, you can learn whether he foxes can be tamed in Minecraft or not. The above information will help you to know the entire concept well about the fox taming and other aspects.

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