Can You Tame Pandas in Minecraft?

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Pandas are passive mobs present in Minecraft who love to live in the jungle on bamboo trees. They are also available in Minecraft with two black and brown colors, and sometimes prefer to live on surface areas filled with grass. Some players have doubts about panda’s taming process, so they should clear their doubts by considering some guidance.

When you opt to learn the panda taming process, you should also understand what Icon swap FIFA 20 is. It will help you know about a different game and help you have experience in two different games. Pandas are passive in nature and don’t harm anyone until you harm them, so it is very easy to tame pandas.

can you tame pandas in minecraft

Ensure that you provide pandas with their favorite food items, so be careful while feeding them. Feeding is one of the major elements that help you win panda’s heart and become friends with them. To learn the panda’s taming process, you can focus on the following details as it will help you tame them and get the baby pandas.

Steps to Tame Pandas

  1. Find the Pandas – First of all, you need to find the pandas if you want to tame them, and you can find them in bamboo biomes. If you don’t get success in finding them, then you can summon them by using some cheats or by using a spawn egg. It will help you to find pandas and allows you to tame them as after taming; you can breed them and get the baby pandas.
  2. Feed the Pandas – After finding the pandas, you have to feed them and ensure that you will feed them with their favorite food, and they love to have bamboos and cakes. Once you feed them with these two items, then you can see the magic in some time. After feeding the pandas, you have to wait for some time as it will help you to know whether they loved the food or not.
  3. Tame the Pandas – After feeding pandas and waiting for some time, you will see red hearts floating over their heads if they love the food. Once you see the hearts, understand that you have successfully tamed them, and now you can make them breed. After breeding the pandas, you will get a chance to see baby pandas, and you can control them as you want to. Make sure that you will understand the importance of getting related information first to have a safe taming process.

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