The Rage Is Real - Ceb Insults Dota 2 Russian Community In A Game

On May 24, Sebastian Ceb Debs ’s played a controversial game where he insulted representatives of the CIS in a chat. Later, the OG player apologized for his behavior, but the story was negatively perceived in the Dota 2 community. In particular, Aleksei Solo Berezin said he would refuse to participate at EPICENTER Major 2019 if Valve did not comment on the situation. We tell you the whole chronology of the incident.

The drama

OG player Sebastian Ceb Debs lashed on the Russian-speaking players in a Dota 2 match. He said things like Russians are dogs from a third world country. He even ended up the Russian deserve to lose their games for which they are ready to sell their mother. The incident occurred after a dispute with a teammate – Ceb on Necrophos took Aegis of the Immortal from his Storm Spirit, who did not like it. As a result, the Frenchman could not resist and called the CIS players as Russian animals. He also said that he earns money by playing Dota 2 professionally and doesn’t care for the players who are leading miserable lives.

OG.Ceb from DotA2

Nikita LVR Drozdov who was Cebs teammate in the same game posted screenshot of the chat on the night of May 24th. He share them on reddit he deleted them at the request of Debs himself, but other users managed to save the post. Later, LVR said that in personal correspondence, Ceb explained that he had nothing against the Russians. He further said that  he used such harsh words for the players who ruin the games.

Apology from Ceb

As a result, Ceb offered to give a personal master class to Drozdov after ESL One Birmingham 2019. The Frenchman said that he might miss the EPICENTER Major 2019, as he he started to receive threats from the Russian fans.

On the morning of May 25th, Debs publicly apologized to the community for his harsh behavior. In the reddit post, he wrote that he had succumbed to the provocations of “toxic and destructive players. So he was unable to control his emotions in the chat. Ceb clarified that he holds nothing against the Russian community. He wrote in plural because in that match there were two players from Russia.

What will happen next?

Valve has not yet commented on the incident. Yaroslav NS Kuznetsov blamed the company for bringing the problem to a similar incident that took place Kuko and the Chinese region. The topic continues to be discussed both in the CIS and reddit, forcing developers to pay attention to what is happening. Whether Solo will go to EPICENTER, remains questionable and it will depend on how Valve handles the situation.

We believe that the pros really need to follow ethical rules and regulations. Since these are role models of community and play a crucial role in the development of eSports industry

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