Celebrating 20 years of CSGO – Part 1

Counter-Strike turns 20 years old this week. In the anniversary of the legendary series, we remember some interesting facts like when hens appeared in the shooter like: Why Condition Zero failed and how the audience reacted with the release of Source. We will also look at which versions of CS should have conquered the Asian market.

The first release

On June 19, 1999 – the first beta version of Counter-Strike was released. Then the game had only one mode – the rescue of hostages – nine types of weapons and only four ,maps. The title also marked the release of the legendary cs_mansion. Seventeen beta tests were held before the official launch from Valve.

Let’s have a look at how the game changed:

The M4A1 had a focus (like the AUG)

The explosion of flash drives could be delayed so that they exploded instantly after the throw.
The AWP scope was not the most overpowered weapon of the game.

The arrival of chickens

June 2000 – the future mascot of the series, chicken appeared in the game! They first appeared in cs_italy and have been part of the game since then. It is terrifying to think how many virtual chickens have died in CS over the past 19 years.

September-November 2000 – the legendary headshots icon was added to the game. This version of CS: GO laso marked the arrival some weapons that have survived to the present day: UMP, Five-Seven pistol, and models of Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists forces.

March-April 2001 – release of version 1.1 with significant changes in the interface and gameplay:

  • Inferno and Dust2 arrived in the game.
  • AWP shots in the legs were no longer lethal.
  • The rifles removed the scope outside the zoom mode.

New Anti-Cheat

May 2002 – in version 1.4, the beloved Valve Anti-Cheat appeared for the first time. It was the time when Valve decided to deal with cheaters on their own and abandoned the popular module PunkBuster. With the release of CS: GO, VAC efficiency has rapidly fallen: the cheat market has grown dramatically. The hackers have learned how to easily bypass the limitations of the module. However, now Valve is developing a new anti-cheat, and it is quite possible that it will arrive in the next few months.

July 2003 one of the most memorable tournaments, CPL 2003 Championship took place, The competition had an incredible prize pool of $ 200 thousand. SK Gaming won the final, which included Potti and HeatoN – the future founders of Ninjas in Pajamas .

Arrival of Famas

September 2003 – version 1.6 was released, which many people still play today. The title marked the arrival of some defensive and offensive items like, Galil AR and Famas.
The game introduced the legendary tactical shield ,which had its fair share of criticism.

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