Celebrating 20 years of CSGO – Part 2

One article was just not enough to go through the highlights of one of the oldest and most successful franchises. We further go down the memory lane to see some earlier versions and changes to the game.

Arrival of CS: Source and Condition Zero

In November 2004 a new (and very different from the original) version was released. We welcomed CS: Source, the title literally had everything: Decent physics, gameplay mechanics, etc.

The ambiguous Condition Zero was also released in November. The fans expected it to be a superb title since Source had a good influence on the community. Yet, it only had a good single-player campaign while the multiplayer mode was full of bugs.

Asian conquest

In 2005 Counter-Strike Neo was released. It was an arcade version of the game that Valve developed for the Japanese market. This futuristic shooter was very different from the classic game. In July 2008 Valve decided to conquer the Asian market and entrusted the Korean company Nexon to develop its own version of CS. This is how Counter-Strike Online came into being. It was an adapted version of CS: Condition Zero for Korea, Japan and China.

The color scheme was brighter, and the game itself was extremely arcade. Even in those days everything was tied up on microtransactions: By paying real money, you could get a much stronger weapon.

CS: GO was inevitable

In 2009 a very unique game came out. A two dimensional CS2D with a top view. Note that its first working prototype appeared in 2004, and it came out of beta in 2015. Valve had nothing to do with it. But it is interesting to know that the game was available on Steam without any problems.

August 2012 marked the beginning of the modern history of Counter-Strike, since we welcomed Global Offensive. The title was criticized by everyone in the early days but now it is amongst the most successful FPS. Molotov cocktails, different techniques of throwing grenades and an impressive variety of rifles first appeared in the shooter.

Failed Zombies

In October 2014, we saw the release of the new game from Nexon / Valve – Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies. Of course, there was nothing in common with the classic CS since it had: Zombies, futuristic weapons and some strange maps. Unlike CS Online, this game was released in the western market, but it failed to make a mark.

Modern day

In 2017 – the tournament with the biggest prize fund in the history of Counter-Strike was held . At WESG they held a prize pool of $ 1.5 million. The lion’s share, $ 800 thousand went to the French side, Team Envy.

2019 – a new competitive map of Vertigo and AUG meta arrived in the game. The competition has escalated to impressive statistics. The game has its own battle royal mode and we also welcomed the retro version of Dust2 yesterday. Let’s see what exciting changes will be coming our way by the end of the year.

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