Crypto is the Subtle Player's Friend in Apex Legends

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The whole hype behind Crypto is warranted as the playable character in Apex Legends is of great importance to be very honest. There are players in the games who are new, and its not really fun to be killed by 12-year-olds who are far more superior than you in terms of gaming. These players rather than moving to a rash form of gameplay should focus on playing as a squad. That’s where the genius (i.e. Crypto) comes in to provide players the advantages of spotting out enemies with his drone for your teammates.

When dropping down you usually land on some crates and move around to see whether the coast is clear. This is so you can grab anything for emergencies. Then you can move to a particular spot, whip out your trusty drone, and mark enemies for surveillance so your mates have a greater advantage over them. It’s like CS:GO when your other friends are spectators and shouting out to tell you where the other team is.

Moving on, you should particularly steer the drone around in its 200 meter limit and provide additional surveillance to your team. In Apex, which is primarily one of the most aggressive games ever, shows that with Crypto by your side, you have the power and support of technology by your side. To have a player with some sort of vertical mobility is one of the most enjoyable parts of the game.

The whole thing about Crypto is that he is innately special in this game and brings out the best for the players who are not apt at this game. The players are able to adjust to his major ability which basically can be tossed at any time after you have made your landing in the Apex world. The thing is that once the drone is thrown out, Crypto himself becomes stationary due to controlling the drone from a remote location and the drone has a pretty impressive radius around which it can fly and provide surveillance. The most amazing part of the drone apart from its quality to ping enemies form its point of view is that whenever an enemy comes into thirty meters of the drone it highlights the enemy automatically. It basically outlining every enemy within a 30-meter radius for your team so they can have a streamlined approach in defeating the other team.

The map is also pretty supportive of Crypto’s abilities, as Apex’s new map the World’s Edge is truly very picturesque. However, for Crypto players it is the best map possible for them as it contains long distance sightlines for the players to utilize their drones and spot enemies from afar. Crypto’s high-flying drone helps out immensely here, especially in finale situations, allowing you and your squadmates to properly position yourself for an ambush or retaliation.

Although with Crypto you might endup feeling like you are an esports observer and not really contributing to thegame, you are mistaken as all other team members are dependent upon yourdirection in the whole game.

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