CS:GO betting sites, tips, and guide

How to be successful in CS:GO betting? We give valuable tips on how to best place your bets.

csgo betting

CS:GO bets are very popular among eSports fans. CS:GO stands for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The game is the current version of the classic online tactical shooter game by Valve, Counter-Strike. The series associated with the title was often criticized and is still sometimes considered by politicians as one among the “killer games.” This criticism is rejected by most experts and players, because CS:GO is all about tactics and cooperation. This also explains why why CS:GO belongs to the shortlist of games with the most events in the eSports industry.

Especially among young players, CS:GO is enormously popular. This contributes to the fact that CS:GO betting sites are in particularly high demand. Even many young sports betting fans, who are otherwise not interested in eSports, usually know CS:GO as a series of games and often have their own experience with the professional matches. In fact, CS:GO is more popular than internationally successful games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and StarCraft 2. In the following article, we will introduce you to the basics of CS:GO and give important tips on the best bookmakers for lucrative CS:GO bets.

csgo betting sites

A veteran title in the eSports industry

No game has made eSports more sustainable than Counter-Strike. With the Beta version released in 1999, the eSports success of the first-person shooter began. Very quickly, Counter-Strike became one of the most popular eSports team titles in the world. Teams formed around the world to compete against each other. With the latest version of the Counter-Strike franchise and with streaming technology, which has only been available for a few years now, the global transmission of international tournaments was enabled. Through the worldwide broadcast of these international events, the game once again received a strong boost in popularity.

CS:GO clans

CS:GO was quickly accepted by the big clans as a worthy successor to the classic version. For some years, CS:GO has been the standard for Counter-Strike in the eSports sector. There are many tournaments and online leagues around the world, so there are many opportunities for eSports players who specialize in Counter-Strike. The game exerts a great fascination, as always new scenarios arise, depending on the actions of the players involved. Although this is the case for most online games in some form, the degrees of freedom in CS: GO are higher than most other games. In addition, Counter-Strike was planned from the beginning as an online game. To classify the success: The game manufacturer Valve had sold more than 25 million licenses Counter-Strike licenses when CS: GO came on the market in 2012. At this time, there was already an extensive clan structure and countless events.

CS:GO type of games

In CS:GO, a counter-terrorist unit face off against terrorists. In the classic FPS title by Valve, there are various interesting modes: Arms Race, Destruction, Casual Game, Deathmatch, Competitive, and War Games. But when it comes to the big eSports tournaments and online leagues, almost always the competitive mode is adopted. Typically, the two teams competing against each other consist of five players each. Recently, “Best of 5” or even “Best of 3” competitions have been established. These variations are often more exciting for spectators at eSports events. Following is the list of maps being played in the competitive scene of CS:GO.

  • Inferno
  • Train
  • Mirage
  • Nuke
  • Overpass
  • Cache
  • Dust II

In competition mode, it is important to cooperate optimally with other players in the team. The best teams in the world train a lot to try out tactics and coordinate operations. Even small mistakes can be so costly that a game can be lost. Not only in this respect, CS:GO hardly differs from other top-level sports. In the end, usually, the team with better tactics wins. Especially in long games, it is also crucial that the teams can adapt to changing tactics of the opponent. For expert spectators, CS:GO is a fascinating title.

CS:GO betting markets

csgo betting markets

You can place your bets on different CS:GO betting markets. The simplest bets include the single bets. Here you bet on whether a team wins or loses the corresponding card. Normally, a game of Counter-Strike consists of 30 rounds. The thrill is guaranteed. After 15 rounds, the sides are switched: i.e. Counter-terrorists team becomes Terrorists in the second half of the match. In addition to the individual bets, over/under bets are also popular in csgo betting. In these bets, you are not betting on a win or a loss, but the difference at the end of the map. That means more risk for you. But the reward is also unmatched. In general, the gameplay and tactics in CS:GO are usually predictable. The favorites are already known and usually come out as the winners of the event – but still remains a residual risk and the associated tension.

What can be wagered in CS:GO?

Single bets on CS:GO

The best-known bets are classic single bets. You bet if a team wins or loses the map. You have the choice to bet on either team to win the match/series.

csgo single bets

Over and Under bets on CS:GO

Betting over and under bets is the handicap. Used in Counter-Strike bets, this means you bet not only on the victory but also on the fact that a team defeats the opposing team, for example, 2 to 0. The odds are then usually much higher. Usually, in CS:GO the favorites of the tournament come on top and therefore, there are few chances of upsets. You can utilize the power of the favorites in your favor by placing high-value bets on them.

Combination bet on CS:GO

Combination bets multiply single bets. For example, different CS:GO matches can be multiplied as a bet. Not many bookmakers offer this, since calculating the correct odds for CS:GO matches are very complicated. There are a lot of opportunities for eSports enthusiastic players, as they usually have a knowledge-advantage.

CS:GO bet on the tournament victory

Some bookmakers offer bets on the tournament outcome. At the beginning of a tournament, you can bet who will be the tournament winner.

Bet on the “Pistol Round”

A relatively recent form of CS:GO betting is placing yours bets on the first round of the map which is known as the Pistol Round. Here you can bet twice on either of the teams – once as CT and once as T per map. However, anything can happen in a Pistol Round and thus, you should avoid placing the bets on it if you have limited knowledge about the teams and competitive environment of CS:GO.

pistol round betting

In the eSports betting world, there are Major Championships tournaments, such as the PGL Major Krakow. At the mega-event in Poland, there was the prize money of $ 1,000,000. Major organizers such as ESL, DreamHack, or PGL are once again organizing top-class events. The ever-increasing eSports events and the high prize money also open up an interesting market for the bookmakers, so that the best known among them have best CS:GO betting odds to offer accompanied by an attractive betting bonus for the new customers. Together with League of Legends and Dota 2, CS:GO is one of the most popular eSports games. Due to the popularity of CS:GO in the world of eSports, the players have large variety of special bets, in addition to the classic winning bet.

Tips and tricks for CS:GO bets

As already described, CS:GO especially for bookmakers is very difficult to grasp. Knowing the eSports only superficially, it is difficult to evaluate the skill level of each team.

  • Which maps are played?
  • What is the daily form of the team or clan?
  • Do players want to change or are new players in the team?
  • How long have you been playing together?
  • Is the game being played online or offline?
cs:go betting tips and guide

These are questions that many a bookmaker cannot answer concretely. However, you can answer these questions as attentive observers of the scene or as a stream viewer. Especially in CS:GO constantly team statuses are changing. The change carousel, based on the teams, turns very fast and is the basis for the relative skill level. So usually team names are constant, but not the players. Use your knowledge, watch the Twitch and hit the bookmaker.

CS:GO betting sites

If you are looking for good counter-strike betting sites, we recommend the following sportsbook providers:


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The eSports industry is still a niche sport, which is indeed highly rated by young sports betting fans. However, it is internationally and nationally far from reaching the popularity of football. But there are some eSports games that are now very popular among sports betting fans. Undoubtedly, CS:GO is one of the top games. The online tactical shooter by Valve has a loyal fan base and is played worldwide. There are many different tournaments with some awesome prize money. Also in various leagues, there are a lot of money to win that makes CS:GO interesting for eSports betting fans, because if there are big events under professional conditions, it is also possible to conclude exciting bets. Meanwhile, it is very easy to place bets on attractive bookmakers with lucrative bonus offers for CS:GO.

CS:GO bets can be used very well from our point of view in order to make a profit. If you know a bit about the scene and watch the top teams regularly, you can build on this knowledge and use it successfully for counter-strike bets. The big bookmakers usually have a not-to-be-underestimated deficit when it comes to Counter-Strike knowledge. Interested fans often have much greater knowledge. Again, and again, this is especially the case of erroneous entry rates of bookmakers to see. Here favorites are confused, or roster changes are not taken into account. See this as an opportunity to take advantage of your knowledge advantage and gain profits.

CS:GO Betting FAQ

How to bet on CS:GO?

Betting on CS:GO is very simple. After creating an account, you just place a bet. Enews.gg recommends the best bookmakers with juicy odds for you to get most out of your bets.

How to compare CS:GO odds?

You can always have multiple accounts on different sites and bet for the best odds.

Can I bet on CS:GO with mobile phone?

Yes. On the betting sites we recommend, after creating an account you can place bets with mobile phones as well.

How to deposit funds on my CS:GO betting account?

On the top of the betting site you can register and create an account. After you have logged in you can top up your players account with funds. Betting sites accepts the most common ways to pay in internet such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Visa, MasterCard, Webmoney, Qiwi, Paysafecard, EcoPayz and most places accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero and other used coins.