CS: GO Competitive Welcomes Vertigo

Valve, the US video game developer, has released a new update for its star game Counter-Strike. The spotlight of this update is surely the entry of Vertigo as a new competitive map.

This map is inspired by a skyscraper under construction. It is one of the most iconic maps in the game’s history. It landed on the servers officially on October 1, 2012, almost seven years ago. Since then, it has undergone various modifications in order to adapt it to a competitive level.

Farewell To Cache

In addition, for this map to have the best possible experience in the competitive Counter-Strike, numerous adjustments have been announced. In this way, Vertigo becomes one of the seven maps available in the professional tournaments of this shooter.

To make the place for Vertigo in the competitive landscape, a sacrifice was to made. In this case, it is the Caché map, since it needs quite important changes. The company will start working on it the main objective is to: Tweak some changes as some players and the pros reported some bugs.

Zonic’s Accurate Prediction

The removal of the Cache map from the competitive and Vertigo’s addition was predicted by Danny “zonic” Sørensen, Astralis coach. Behind the scenes interview at BLAST Pro Series São Paulo, the technician predicted that the next update of the game should change the competitive maps.

Zonic about Vertigo CSGO

Cache was one of the maps in which Astralis was weak. The Danish team is the first in the HLTV ranking. They dominated the competition in 2018 and won the two competitions in 2019 so far: the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Katowice Major and BLAST Pro Series itself. Several pro players complained about the update and claimed that the update favored the team that already dominates the scene.

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TIme for Pros To Train Hard

Currently, the best Astralis maps are Nuke and Inferno. When Zonic was asked about the possible removal of these two maps, Zonic joked and said it won’t ever happen. Despite being quite dominant, the coach revealed that the team was not yet ready for the update. The boys will have to study hard after the possible changes.

With the announcement of Valve and entry of Vertigo in the competitive, fact is that all teams will have to review their strategies and train. The map was created in 2012, underwent a redesign in January 2018 and received adjustments in the latest updates of the game. This will be the first time that Vertigo will be in the competitive circuit of CS: GO.

Other Changes

On the other hand, in this latest update of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive we must highlight other news of the game. For example, Valve has included a music package from the musical group EZ4ENCE by The Verkkars. Finally, the upgrade was aimed at fixing a grenade bug on closed doors and other minor changes, such as the texture of the game.

Will the addition of Vertigo affect the dominance of Astralis? Or will they add Vertigo to their ranks of Nuke and Inferno? Only time will tell.

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