CS:GO - Best Teams of 2019

2019 was surely a great year for CS:GO fans as they got to see some of the biggest tournaments for it. All teams gave their best with the hope to become the best team of the year. And now that the year is coming to an end, we now know which team has earned the title. So without any further due, here are some of the best CS:GO teams of 2019.


Fnatic had a somewhat rough time in 2019 as they failed to qualify for the StarLadder Berlin Major. The thing which left everyone surprised was that Fnatic are three-time Major champions. However, luck just wasn’t by their side during that time. But this doesn’t mean that they left their fans disappointed as they managed to win the DreamHack Masters Malmo. They were also the runners-up in StarSeries i-League season seven, IEM Sydney, ESL Pro League Season 10, and StarSeries i-League season eight. Fans are now currently looking forward to seeing whether Fantic will manage to win another major in 2020 or not.



Mousesports left everyone surprised with their performance in 2019. The team had some rough months at the start and everyone thought that they aren’t going to really far. However, even though they were about to get eliminated from the CS:GO Asia Championships by TYLOO, their teamwork saved them. Not only did they save themselves from getting eliminated, but they also managed to win the said tournament. In addition to this, they won two other tournaments: EPL Season 10 and cs_summit five. Since they won three tournaments in a row during the month of November and December, they were easily one of the best CS:GO teams of 2019.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid fans had been eagerly waiting for them to win a major championship since the team entered the professional scene back in 2015. From 2015 till 2018, Liquid was just finishing up as runners-up during various BLAST events. However, things changed in 2019 when they won their first major championship. They surely made a lot of their fans happy in 2019 as they also won six other tournaments back to back in two months. These include IEM Sydney, DreamHack Master Dallas, EPL Season 9, IEM Chicago, ESL One Cologne, and BLAST Pro Series Los Angles. In any case, the team is surely going to produce some amazing results in 2020.



Just like over other year, Astralis once again managed to become the best CS:GO team of the year. If you ask why, then you should know that the Danish powerhouse won two Majors in 2019, something that isn’t easy at all. The two majors include IEM Katowice Major and StarLadder Berlin Major. Aside from this, Astalis also won IEM Beijing, ECS Season 8, BLAST PRO Series Sao Paulo, and BLAST Pro Series Grand Final. They were the runners-up at the Blast PRO Series Madrid and ESL One New York. Now that they have dominated 2019, fans are eagerly waiting to see whether they will be able to maintain the same performance in 2020 or not.

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