CS:GO Operation Shattered Web Is Here

CS:GO fans will be glad to know that the developers have decided to release a brand new Operation for the game. That’s right, they have released Operation Shattered Web, which is the ninth operation of CS:GO. The thing which has left everyone excited is that the game’s meta has totally changed after this new update.

Operation Shattered Web

The newly released Operation Shattered Web features some gameplay changes along with new agents, weapons, missions, and much more. To begin with, the most important change the update has introduced is to the SSG 553 rifle. This rifle is popularly known as Krieg and everyone has been complaining about it being used a lot by the Terrorist side. It basically puts the CT side at a disadvantage because the Terrorist side was able to acquire it during the early stages of their game. But now, this is going to change.

Kreig’s Price Has Been Increased

Because many people complained about the weapon, Valve has now decided to make some changes to it. They have increased the price of the weapon from $2,750 to $3,000, meaning that it won’t be easy to acquire, at least not during the early stages of the game. This also means that the Krieg is now $300 more expensive than the Ak-47.

Other Weapon Changes

In addition to this, Valve has made some additional changes to some other weapons as well. For instance, the FAMAS and Galil have received some changes. The price of both weapons has been reduced to $1800 from $2050. Along with this, in order to make them more accurate, the developers have decided to give both weapons a spray buff.

New Agents

Players will be excited to know that the latest Operation has also introduced some new customizable characters. You will be able to equip and use them in your matches. You can choose from Distinguished Agent, Superior Agent, Exceptional Agent, and Master Agent. These agents are defined by rarity, just like weapon skins. Those who are interested in unlocking these agents need to first purchase the Operation Pass. Once they do that, they will be provided with a new set of challenges. Progressing through the missions will unlock the agents.


Accolades Introduced


The game is also now going to present Accolades at the end of the match. Overwatch fans will be familiar with this feature since it has been present in their game from the start. This will basically allow players to see the most valuable player and which teammate did the most average damage per round. In addition to this, just like the previous times, Valve has added a new case for players to purchase. At the moment, the Skeleton Knife is something everyone wants. It can be found with the Slaughter, Stained, Crimson Web, and Fade skin.

In any case, your game is definitely going to change after you install this latest update. Your gameplay will most likely get improved because of the various changes being made to some areas.

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