CS:GO Update Patch Notes – New Cache and Mirage Updates

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The latest patch has brought forwarda new addition to Valve’s popular game Counter Strike which has massivelyshaken up the overall map pool of the players.

On October 2nd the update had made changes to the Scrimmage Matchmaking playlist map pool and shifted it slightly while adding cache to the multitude of options that have been present in the casual mode. There has been another big development as well. We have seen so many maps that have been popular in Scrimmage Matchmaking but the one we had been waiting for was Mirage and it has finally been added. The Morocco centered map has been one of the most popular bomb defusal options in the game since 2013.

Players have been delighted to know that the adding of Cache and Mirage to the Scrimmage Matchmaking options has not affected the availability of the map in the competitive playlists which Valve have confirmed so there is no need to worry. You will be able to see the previous version of the Cache after the awaited release of the brand new Cache in the competitive sessions on October 10.

We got a glimmer of the revampedCache map at ESL New York 2019 late last month, while the CS:GO player base wasalso a given a glimpse of the new design. Fans have been anxiously waiting forthe revamped version of Cache due to the unforeseen pulling of it from thecompetitive playlists back in March 2019, but it seems the wait is not that longanymore.

Unfortunately we have also seenwith the update that there are some maps that have been removed like Breach andRuby from CS:GO to an extent, with Breach being only removed from Scrimmagematchmaking while Ruby has been completely removed from the CS:GO serverentirely.

There has been speculation fromcommunity users that Mirage being added to the casual mode could mostdefinitely mean that it might be removed from the competition pool in the nearfuture.

“I wonder if Mirage beingadded to Scrimmage indicates it may be the one removed from the competitive mappool to make room for Cache,” Reddit user Gnud speculated.

The speculation of the removal of Mirage from the competitive pool is for the time speculation, it still hasn’t but we do expect the worst in this situation. This might be the last week that you will be able to play the current design because on October 10 the latest re-design will come into effect.

The following are the patch notesthat have been listed for the update:


– Mirage and Cache are nowavailable for Scrimmage Matchmaking

– Breach has been removed fromScrimmage Matchmaking.

– Ruby has been removed fromofficial game servers.


– The X-Ray P250 Package is nowavailable for purchase. This package contains a single custom painted P250.

– The French one-time exclusivenon-tradable P250 | X-Ray weapon has been converted to Genuine Quality.

– Updated dedicated servers Steamclient library to the latest version.

– Added ‘New’ Settings tab thathighlights recently added or changed game options.

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