CS:GO's Latest Patch Makes Adjustments To Maps, Improves Visibility, And More

CS:GO's Latest Patch Makes Adjustments To Maps, Improves Visibility, And More

CS:GO fans will be glad to know that Valve has released a brand new update for their shooter title. This update is the first one after the recently released Operation Shattered Web update. The update has made some adjustments to some maps, has improved visibility, fixed the re-zoom regression, and introduced a new Storage Units system.

Valve has made the changes based on the feedback they received from the fans. Sadly, it doesn’t do anything about the backlash from the community about the new custom player models. Here’s what the update does:


To begin with, the update has made some adjustments to a number of maps.

Inferno: The visibility from patio towards pit boost spot has been improved. New fill lights in the A site balcony hallway have been added. The update has fixed the DM spawn in apartments because of why players were getting stuck.

Overpass: On the B site, the ambient light on the grate outside Monster has been boosted, and the graffiti from the left side of the CT at B site has been removed. As for the A site, the light in the bank has been boasted and the background texture in the bank has been changed.

Nuke: Unlike the other two maps, Nuke hasn’t received many changes. Only the corner vent in the A site has been brightened up.


To begin with, the update has introduced a new Storage Units system. Thanks to it, players will be now able to store up to 100 items. Prior to this, players were able to store only a limited number of items and most of them had issues with the current storage. But now, they will be able to store many more items than before.



The update has introduced some changes to the UI of the game. At first, the update has added a new setting that will allow players to enable triple-monitor UI mode. It has also added a countdown that will let players know about the time left until week 2 Operation missions become available. Finally, the end of the match scoreboard toggle button is now the same as the button that enables the mouse in the scoreboard.

Other Changes

Other than the above-mentioned things, the update has made various changes to some sections of the game. It has fixed an issue where the ’rounds won with no purchases” accolade was appearing in the Flying Scoutsman. The skin tone of one Elite Crew agents has been fixed, regression in Weapons Course has been fixed, and the re-zoom regression with sniper rifles is now fixed.

In any case, Valve has made some improvements adjustments and improvements to the game through this latest update. Players had been demanding for some of these changes for a long time. On the other hand, players are eagerly waiting to know whether the developers are going to do something about the newly introduced custom player models or not since some professional players think that they are game-breaking.

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