Data Miner Leaks Abilities Of Apex Legends' Reckoner

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Over the past few months, Apex Legends data miner have successfully managed to leak a lot of Legends that will make their way to the game in the future. They have not only managed to find out their names but have also discovered what abilities will they posses. Recently, a data miner has found out the abilities of a new legend.

New Legend Discovered

Apex Legends data miner That1MiningGuy recently did some digging into the game’s files and was able to discover that a new Legend called Reckoner is possibly in the works. The character is currently in its development stage and Respawn will add him to the game’s list of Legends in the future.

According to the leaked information, Reckoner is going to be a “Self-Sacrificing Romantic” character. At the moment, nothing else is known about this legend other than his abilities. However, considering that his name his description is pointing towards sacrifice, it could be that he will be able to sacrifice himself to save his teammates. Or it could also mean that he could lend his health or armor to his teammates.

Reckoner’s Abilities

That1Mining guy was also able to find out the abilities of this Legend. The information reveals that he is going to be really useful during combat as he sure is going to give his opponents a really difficult time. His abilities mainly focus on taking enemies down more quickly.

Shield Blast – Passive: Reckoner’s passive ability is going to be Shield Blast and as its name suggests, the Legend will charge a blast when his shield will get destroyed, something that will damage nearby enemies. This means that you will want to stay close to your enemies if you want to drain some of their health before going down.

Shield Stealer – Tactical: The Legend’s tactical ability is Shield Stealer, and you can pretty much judge what it will do from its name. Players will be able to fire an energy beam that will drain enemy shields. However, you will charge your own shield in the process.

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Gravity Orb – Ultimate: Finally, Reckoner’s Ultimate ability is going to be Gravity Orb. This ability is going to allow the Legend to throw slow-moving gravity orb that will bend the trajectory of nearby attacks. This will be useful when you will want to move from one place to another in combat.

When Will He Arrive?

Unfortunately, the data miner wasn’t able to find out when this Legend will get added to the game. Fans should get their hopes up since Reckoner is still in its development stage and the chances for him to arrive during season 3 are almost zero. Respawn has a habit of adding a new legend to the game with every new season, and the Self-Sacrificing Romantic isn’t going to be the next one for sure. At the moment, it is believed that Revenant is going to be the next playable character since he was recently introduced with the Fright or Fight event.

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