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Rise of Dota 2 Auto Chess in the world of Esports

Auto Chess is a new genre that has begun to gain a lot of prominence in 2019. It came to life with Dota Auto Chess, an arcade mode for DotA 2. After its remarkable success, the model has been adapted by other games such as with Teamfight Tactics (TFT) in League of Legends (LoL). It became an instant success, and it even reigned supreme over Fortnite for a couple of days, becoming the most-watched game on Twitch TV.

In the game, players need to face each other on a board and win battles decided by the artificial intelligence of the game. Let’s have a look at the origin and success of Auto Chess.

The Beginning of Auto Chess

The genre was started with a small game created by Drodo Studios. Called Dota Auto Chess, the game was released in January 2019 and became quite popular, especially among streamers. Auto Chess currently has almost 200,000 followers on Twitch TV and holds more than 4 million ratings on Steam. These numbers show the popularity and potential of the genre among players.

A blend of MOBA with chess

In Auto Chess games, the player uses characters that act as pieces on a chessboard. Each champion has different fighting abilities and characteristics, so be aware of the synergy of the pieces. You can equip items from your inventory on pieces to improve their attack, gain life, or add defense. Items can be purchased with the gold that is received at the end of each round.

It is worth mentioning that battles happen automatically, without interference from players until the end of the round.

The future of the Auto Chess genre

In LoL’s 9.13 patch, Riot Games has included a new game mode called Teamfight Tactics. The pieces are represented by the MOBA champions. So far, 50 champions have been confirmed in the new mode, but there are expectations that more characters will be introduced. Valve also announced its official version of a game genre called Dota Underlords, which is already in the testing phase.

In addition, a new game was announced by the creators of Dota Auto Chess during E3 2019. The game will be available in the Epic Games Store as early as 2019. It is worth mentioning the Dota Underlords is also available for download on mobile phones. The developers ensured that they will be launching a cross-platform feature in the future.

Competitive landscape of Auto Chess

After Riot’s and Valve’s investment in the new genre, we are confident that Forntite will announce its own mode. As previously mentioned, Epic Games Store will be getting its own Auto Chess. But we haven’t heard any announcements made for Fortnite yet.

We recommend you to sit back and enjoy the glory of Auto Chess, as we will be getting a competitive circuit in the next few weeks. It will be hard for any developer to miss out on the success of this new genre. Meanwhile, players are hungry to compete for supremacy in all eSports, with millions of dollars on the line.

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