Smart drafting tips in lower brackets of Dota 2

Dota 2 is amongst the most difficult games in the world. To make it to the top of the leaderboard, you will have to give it your all at each point of the game. It is fair to say that after every match, the game makes us a better player and improve our knowledge. Yet the first thing that is overlooked in the lower bracket is the drafting. Since players just focus on playing whatever they want instead of thinking about what the team needs.

The medal system of the game is a good way to know how much we know about the game and how much we have learned it. In lower bracket, players don’t care much about the draft. A good team draft can be a game decider and tip the game in your favour. The purpose of this brief guide is to highlight what champions you should pick in different scenarios of the game.

Scenario 1: Drafting support instead of core

Picking core heroes is a very common practice in ranked games. Their pick rate is usually high since they are quite fun to play in the late game. So let’s have a look at the game where the draft is mainly composed of core heroes.

We believe that it will be a good choice to pick a support in this situation. Since the team will surely not benefit if you pick another core. Meanwhile a single support can add a lot of versatility and also improves your chances of winning the early and mid game. It is good to pick a support with good mana pool to make sure you harass the enemy heroes.

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Credits: Valve

Scenario 2: Drafting for balance when your cores lack power

Another situation in your ranked game is when the team is going for a pretty much balanced draft. Yet if the core lacks the power to assert its dominance in the early phase. Then we recommend you to pick roaming supports.

Roaming supports can be a source of great ganks for the team if it lacks kill potential in the early and mid game. Heroes like Earth Spirit, Tusk and Mirana are good picks for strong nuke damage and high mobility.

Scenario 3: A balanced draft to sustain enemy AD

The last scenario is when your team has successfully drafted a good lineup. But it doesn’t hold good resistance against magical or physical damage, in teamfights. This is a good time to draft a tank in the team. At the moment, tanks are quite a situational pick yet in the right hands they can enforce the pace of the game. They have a decent durability and hold good resistance against damage. Heroes like Tidehunter, Dragon Knight and Timbersaw are good examples.

Tanks are overall a good pick in all stages of the game. They also make life hard for the enemy cores in the laning phase.

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