Dota 2 Latest Patch Introduces Some Important Nerfs

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Dota 2 fans will be excited to know that Valve has released a brand new patch for their game. This new patch comes right before the upcoming tournaments of the Dota Pro Circuit, the WePlay! Bukovel Minor and the DreamLeague S13 Major. Both tournaments are really important, and this update will hopefully improve the gameplay experience of the participants.

For those wondering, the update mainly focuses on introducing some small nerfs along with a general change that was really important.

General Change

The general change includes a big change to the gold bonus.After the update, gold bonus for the team that is behind will be no longerconsidered if the difference is only 1k or less. Dota 2 players are aware ofthe fact that there are various kill bounty multipliers in the game, such asfirst blood. However, some time ago, Valve introduced a multiplayer thatrewarded the losing team with more gold if they got a kill, thus reducing thedifference between the two team’s net worth.

While this was meant to help the losing team, it started working in the opposite way. For instance, a mid laner on Radiant was becoming more powerful than the enemy laner. This was also causing huge gold swings during the early game, something that is not right at all. This is something that also happened during the recent match between Evil Geniuses and Gambit Esports at the ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational Singapore. EG’s captain, Tal “Fly”” Aizik earned an extra 250 gold thanks to this.


The update has also nerfed a few heroes in the game.


To begin with, Doom’s starting strength has been reduced by two. In addition to this, his Scorched Earth ability’s damage has been reduced to 15/30/45/60 from 20/35/50/65. The manacost of this ability, on the other hand, has been increased from 60/65/70/75 to 60/70/80/90. Doom has always remained one of the best heroes in the game. The changes made to his Scorched Earth ability made him a hero who was able to destroy all of his enemies. It also allowed him to hunt down enemy supports easily. But now, his skill has been nerfed in terms of both damage and mana cost to bring some balance.


Another notable nerf is for Puck. His base damage has also been reduced by two and his phase shift that was attacking zombies has been fixed. After the update, the Warning Rift will also no longer move Puck if he is rooted on cast. As for Puck’s talents, his Level 10 Talent has changed from Phase Shift Attacks to +30 damage, and his Level 15 Talent has changed from +90 damage to Phase Shift Attacks. One thing to keep in mind here is that Puck has always enjoyed some benefits over other heroes in the game. This is something that put the opposing team at a disadvantage. But now, the update has finally balanced him. Fortnite fan? Check out the guide for merging Fortnite accounts; check this out now.

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