Dota 2 betting

Dota 2 betting guide, tips, and odds comparison

How to be successful in Dota 2 betting? We provide valuable tips on how to best place your bets.

dota 2 betting

One of the most popular free, online, multiplayer strategy games is Defense of the Ancients, or Dota 2 as it is popularly known. Released on July 9, 2013, by the company Valve Corporation, today Dota 2 has more than 40.6 million followers worldwide. The game includes two teams with five players each that face each other in a giant battle arena. Both the teams share a common goal: destroy the Ancient, the enemy base.

For anyone who stays abreast of the world of eSports, you know that Dota 2 is a veteran title. it was not until a few years ago, however, that it began to appear in worldwide tournaments and become a competitive landmark. For example, in 2017, the best professional team in Dota 2 was awarded $10,862,683 in prize winnings. This has afforded the gaming community more and more opportunities to place online bets on both games and tournament results.


Dota 2 as gaming

However, the in-game world of Dota 2 is not the friendliest one to the new players who are not familiar with the gameplay. Having been created a universe so rich, learning to play and interact with all of its elements is a bit complicated for those who for the first time approaching this type of electronic games.

But before this scenario, is it necessary to be an expert in Dota 2 to be able to bet? That is why in this guide you will learn the most important details of the game, so you can get the most out of the bets of Dota 2.

Bet Types in Dota 2

As in other betting sports, the type of bets varies depending on the bookmaker and the game. As you can see for yourself when making a bet, the bookmaker will offer you to bet in instalments. This will depend on the chances of winning and will also reflect specific values. For example, the higher the quota, the less chance the team has to beat and the more it pays the bettors in case the team with the fewer odds is victorious.

However, bets on eSports are easier to perform since they are basically divided into two: the “winner of the match” and the “winner of the tournament”. However, some varieties exist and are mostly available when they are live. The Dota 2 competitions are structured in such a way that there are quite a number of possible offers for the bookies. Special odds are usually offered for the big tournaments. In summary, some of the most requested are:

Special odds

Match Winner: Also known as “Moneyline”, refers to the type of bets directed to the Match Winner. To participate, you must only direct your bet to the team that you consider could be the winner.

Outright Winner: Refers to the type of bets directed to the Championship Winner. In this type of bet, you will have to predict the result of the victory among the best of the best.

First Kill: It is the type of bet that is directed to the team that first kills an opponent.

Total Kills: Type of bet that consists in predicting the total number of deaths in a match.

Handicap: It is a type of bet inherited from sports betting since it consists of a way to balance the odds.

The team first to destroy a tower: Here you bet on the team that first destroyed a tower. Also known as “which team destroys a Barrack first,” or “which team kills Roshan first.” These bets work the same.

Once the bets have been made, one of the ways to follow the events is through eSports streaming channels. Although, just as with sports betting, there are cases in which the opportunity to place bets live and made at the time is offered. But as we already mentioned, it will depend on the bookmaker.

Check the best Betting sites of Dota 2

The Dota 2 is one of the most competitive eSport games currently, so many teams have had their moments of fame. In the most recent season 2017/2018, was one of those who first received a direct invitation to the event, to which they were joined by Team Liquid, LGD, Team Secret, Medeski, Vici Gaming and Newbee. The star revelation was VGJ.Thunder, a Chinese team that received the invitation as one of the last to confirm.

The format of the event varies very little from occasion to occasion. But the information about the qualified teams is revealed very shortly before the event is inaugurated. So to bet on this event for the best team is a bit complicated to make predictions.

What are the most important tournaments of Dota 2?

Defense of the Ancients, the official name of the game, is an eSports whose fame has grown very quickly so that the tournaments around the world began to incorporate them immediately. Therefore, although the Dota 2 scenario for the participants is highly competitive, incredible amounts of money are offered to the winners.

Like the traditional sports tournaments, through streaming channels, you can follow the events of these events step by step. Next, we will present you to the most outstanding of the scene:

The International

Some bookmakers offer bets on the tournament outcome. At the beginning of a tournament, you can bet who will be the tournament winner.

Bet on the “Pistol Round”

Some call it “Dota 2 World Cup”, not only because it is organized by the Valve Corporation, the creator of the game, but because of only the best play in this tournament, after having passed the filter of the Dota Pro Circuit and the regional qualifiers.

In addition to being known for the quality of the participating players, in this summer tournament, they usually distribute the biggest prizes in the history of eSports. To have an idea, it is estimated that from the moment of its inauguration in 2011 until 2018, more than 120 million dollars have been given to the star players.

Dota Pro Circuit

Also organized by the Valve Corporation, it is a secondary tournament whose winning teams will have the opportunity to participate in The International. It currently consists of 5 majors and 5 minor championships that have been split between 2018 and 2019.

To check the status of the tournaments we recommend you to visit the official site of Dota 2 Pro Circuit.

Our Advice

As appealing as the betting odds for the Dota 2 games are, we recommend to place the bets only if you’ve really known about the opponents in advance. You should already know which players are competing in a team and what particular strengths these players have. There are countless Dota 2 information portals on the internet, where you will surely find the statistics and balance sheets you are looking for.

On the other hand, in the case of the Dota 2 betting, the normal sports betting principle applies. Do not place any tips on any events or events for which you have no knowledge of. You should already be a certain type of gambler, understand the Dota 2 game and best of all, of course, yourself belong to the active gaming community.

It is important that you orient yourself a little at the form curves of the players in the Dota 2 betting with real money. The computer games are not built on luck but on skill. The top players train several hours every day. If the concentration is not optimal, then the desired results will not be achieved. In this case, the eSports is no different from the “normal” sports events

Learning the game strategies

There are other ways to take advantage of betting on Dota 2. The teams have mostly preferred strategies in terms of the game phase in which they aim for the game victory. Some teams bet on an early advance, others try to win in a late stage, etc. These preferences often stand out in the hero selection. Generally, you should bet on a strong team with a good all-round performance (a team that can successfully execute many different strategies).

However, the best chances are not always to predict the winning team. The best chances are to find a team that performs better and wins more often than the odds of eSports bookmakers suggest. A good rule of thumb is to get your own estimate of the quota or balance sheet before looking at the quota offered. This is a very good exercise, even if you do not put money on a particular match or event, because you gain experience!


Although The International is one of the first events in which it is possible to bet on Dota 2, it only take place at one time of the year: summer. Currently, there are many sites where you can bet on the events of other times of the year.

It is very common to find amateur players of Dota 2 as bettors since being such a complex universe and with such particular rules, betting becomes more comfortable if you know the game from its essence. But this does not mean that you must be a professional player to play.

To know with certainty which teams to bet when it comes to the first time you should comprehensively study the team. There are several means of information in which you can consult details of the events, as well as the latest news and the most lucrative betting markets and information portals.

Also, you should make a preliminary study of which site will be the best betting opportunities to bet, so we recommend you know the offer before signing up for an online betting house.

Finally, like any game, it is an entertainment. So we recommend you evaluate if your bets are being successful before continuing to do so, as well as the mistakes made to avoid doing it again.