Here's possibly the best strategy to win in Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords is quite a success in its beta phase. The Valve title currently has half a million downloads and has reached 200,000 concurrent players. These statistics ensure that it is the fourth game from Valve to achieve popular success, along with CS: GO, PUBG, and Dota 2. It should be kept in mind that the beta version was launched to receive feedback from players. The only pending issue for Dota Underlords is Twitch, where it currently holds only 15K viewers on average daily.

We have been playing it for several days, and we’re now ready to present you with a combo that will definitely win you games. It is a combo of AOE heroes and creeps, such as Shadow Fiend and Kunkka. These will wreak havoc on rival troops.

First rounds

To hold the first rounds well, you should look for the following: Tinker, Clockwerk, and Bounty Hunter/Timbersaw. This way, we activate the synergy of these clans to our advantage. To this small combo, we will add assassins while we are going with AOE heroes: Puck, Crystal Maiden, Razor, and Shadow Fiend. It is important to know that the assassins are all circumstantial, since in the long term they are only playable with Tinker and Timbersaw.

Mid game

Once we have a good number of Intel heroes and have reached level 6/7, we will begin to substitute pieces to activate alliances. Tinker, Timbersaw, Razor, Crystal Maiden, Shadow Fiend, and Puck must stay on our field, since these heroes complete our synergy. It would also be the time to have at least a level 2 hero, as well as the occasional Intel one. As for other heroes, in addition to upgrading the ones we already have, we will look for Kunkka and Keeper of the Light. Another decent pieces that could be useful to us is Necrophos.

Credits: Valve

Final rounds

At this point, although we have lost some rounds, we should start to see the devastating effects of the combo. Shadow Fiend, Razor, Tinker, Kunkka, and Keeper of the Light’s attacks will sweep the opposing offensive units off the table. After that, only the tanks will be left, which will not deal enough damage to stand against your army. With a bit of luck, we can add Lich or Tidehunter to our roster. The final lineup should be something like this: Crystal Maiden, Puck, Razor, Keeper of the Light, Ogre Magi, Lich, Shadow Fiend, Kunkka, Tinker, and Tidehunter.


As for the items that we want, it is no surprise that you should look for those that grant mana or cooldown reduction. Arcane Boots, Broker of the Aggressor, Octarine Essence, and Flash will be very useful.

Dota Underlords open beta testing kicked off on June 20th. After that, the daily peak users online has reached two hundred thousand. On June 23rd, developers reported that they will soon be add a rating mode. It will be quite similar to the one used in Dota 2.

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