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Dota 2 – How to Deny?

Dota 2 - How to Deny

Dota 2 is a fighting game that helps players experience various fights and other unique features. Denying in Dota 2 is a kind of removing the various benefits from the enemy’s side when they die.  It helps players to get more benefits as compared to the enemies and allows them …


How to Deny in Dota 2?

Deny in Dota 2

The meaning of denying in Dota 2 is that killing the allied unit is any reward so that enemies will not get any benefit on their death and receive in 25% of the XP. It can help the players to defeat the enemy and, along with that, enable them to …


How to Lock Camera in Dota 2?

Lock Camera in Dota 2

Most of the players in Dota 2 want to lock their cameras so that they can follow their hero well at every moment. Usually, players love to play those games which have good fps and allow players to have a great view. It helps players to maintain a proper interest …


How to Ping in Dota 2?

Ping in Dota 2

Ping is a helping feature in Dota 2 as it helps players to help their teammates by pinging on the map. If any team player sees any danger or any enemy close to them, he can alert their other teammates by pinging on the map. Ping is of two types, …


How to Open Console in Dota 2?

Open Console in Dota 2

The console is a kind of device which helps players to play Dota 2 with some easy ways and also helps to make it more interesting. It helps to get more new features and allows you to enhance your knowledge about them. Dota 2 is a PC-based game, but players …


How to get better at Dota 2?

get better at Dota 2

Dota 2 is such a great game that helps players to experience those aspects which they have never experienced in other games. It can only be played on PCs and on a twitch platform where the various players play only live games. The players who are already playing this game …


How to Surrender in Dota 2?

Surrender in Dota 2

Dota 2 has many features available in it, which helps players get attracted to it so that they can experience a new view and environment. But the lack of surrender option is not the one. Usually, various MOBA games allow their teams to surrender after 20 minutes and the halfway …


How to Pause Dota 2?

Pause Dota 2

Most of the players love to play Dota 2, but sometimes they face various issues while playing the game, and at that time, the pausing feature is very helpful. It helps to get rid of various losses in the game and helps the player to feel safe as pause can …


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