Easter Eggs Found In Apex Legends

Respawn Gaming is working hard to improve and update the Apex Legends since its inception. The recent “check-in” posted by the company’s community manager has revealed many performance updates. The developer also revealed hints about an upcoming patch.

On Reddit, Jay Frechette, the manager of Respawn Gaming, also included a hidden leak. One of the images in the post reveals a new weapon that is not in the game at the moment. But, it could very well be an “Easter egg” planned by the developers of the game.

Respawn Check in: 3.27 from r/apexlegends

New Weapon!

One of the new images shows a legend equipped with an unknown submachine gun/assault rifle. A new firearm would be an exciting addition to the game. The developers also promised players exclusive game content, and that could be part of that. Respawn Gaming has only released a new weapon since its release ( Havoc ). It makes sense that they are putting new toys in the Kings Canyon to wreak havoc.

Apex Legends Easter Eggs characters

Credits: Respawn Entertainment

The current players of Apex Legends were waiting for a new weapon with the opening of the first season. However, Respawn Gaming introduced a new legend in the form of Octane, with no new arsenal included. If the leaks are true, there may not be one but several weapons combined with new legends to add to the overall content of the game.

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144 FPS -> 300 FPS

The developer also promised that the next patch will limit game frame rates to 300 constants or leave the FPS unlimited. Since there was a bug in the game that prevented players from enjoying more than 144 frames.

Apart from a new weapon and FPS changes we might very well see a new Legend Wattson in the next patch. Although they were leaked several weeks ago, Shroud has just confirmed its arrival.

FPS capped at 144 after update. No settings changed. Help? from r/apexlegends

Watson Coming Soon?

It was it recently hinted that Shroud is a beta tester for Respawn. He admits in his stream that he does not know if other legends should arrive in Apex Legends for the first season of the royal battle. But he was sure that Wattson will arrive with Octane since he tested both Legends a few months ago. In the season one update, he did get Octane but Watson was not introduced. Some players Datamined the files of the season one update and found Watson’s skin.

There was a strange turret in the trailer of the season one which the fans believe is an ability of Watson. The Data Miners believe that Wattson should use electrical capabilities. Including a Tesla trap able to immobilize his opponents for several seconds.

What to expect from Apex

Natalie Paquette, aka Wattson, the great engineer is expected to arrive soon in the Canyon of Kings. Nevertheless, nothing has been announced officially. Therefore, we might have to wait several weeks before to learn more about the legend.

Apart from weapons and Legends, Respawn is working on the last remaining crashes and is planning to improve bug reporting. The developer also plans to put in-game tips to help players avoid such problems. Everything would appear in a future update.

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