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ECS Season 7 is all about to start and we have the list of the participating teams that will compete against each other for ultimate supremacy. Let’s have a look at the candidates that will be competing for supremacy at the ECS:


NiP had its fair share of success in 2018 and had their moments of triumph like at the IEM Sydney. Yet in 2019, they team will have to rise from the ashes to claim that they amongst the best in the world. Since in the past weeks the team has struggled against tier two and three teams.


North also arrives in the competition with its fair share of troubles. The last Major trophy won by the team was Dreamhack Masters Stockholm in September 2018. So they will have arrive in the competition with same credentials as NiP. Meanwhile, Complexity and MiBR are also struggling in the competitive circuit. So all of these teams will really need to stand out to prove themselves.


Complexity recently made changes to its roster. They moved Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz to inactive roster and replaced him with 15-year-old Owen “oBo” Schlatter. We believe that this is a huge gamble by the team. If it was a minor competition then Complexity could stand a chance. But at the moment they are competing with bug names and should not be surprised to face an early elimination.


NRG also arrive in the competition with their own challenges. After a series of poor results, the side made roster changes which included the recruitment of Tarik “tarik” Celik. We believe that if the team manages to get a couple of wins on the board, then they could rise in HLTV rankings.


One of the dark horses of the competition is the Brazilian side FURIA. The team produced some exciting results over the weekend at the DreamHack Masters Dallas. They will have to prove their worth at the ECS since their first game will be against Astralis. Despite having tough opponents, we believe that the side has what it takes to make a decent run in the competition. The team will be focused to perform better than their regional rivals, MIBR.


Vitality will be arriving in the competition with similar ambitions as FURIA. When the roster was formed, the team relied on the individual brilliance of Vitality. Yet in the past few months they have shown that they are much more than that. At Dallas they defeated North and Nip, before that they won cs_summit 4 by beating Liquid. So it will be exciting to see how this team will perform at the ECS.


Lastly, we have the former No.1 team in the world, Astralis. THey are no longer the best since Liquid has taken their spot after securing top spot at Dallas and Sydney. Yet, we still rate them as favourites, since the Danes did compete in the competition. So being in the same competition with the new No.1 team will surely motivate Astalis.

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